29 Mar 2023

Security Investigation Practitioners are a force to be reckoned with!

The security industry has now set new standards for the new norm.

There are two types of security companies. One is more like a labour broker that relies on simply complying with the security regulator’s standards and then there are those security companies that take their job seriously.

Successful Directors and Heads of security that are resourceful and rely on security intelligence to comprehend the vulnerability landscape to equip themselves immediately with the relative knowledge, appropriate technology and skill up quickly their workforce to provide substantial solutions to their clients. They are eloquently versed in the methods to profit protect their clients and themselves.

Successful Security Directors or Heads of Security are always looking for new ideas to become more successful and have a competitive advantage of others because,

  • The security practitioners have to daily outthink and out-smart millions of perpetrators using technology and the workforce.
  • The Directors and Heads of Security know only too well that their team manage life impacting and deadly incidents.
  • Directors and heads of security know the difference between crime and security investigators, therefore successful practitioners’ stock themselves with the appropriate workforce to achieve their objectives to predict issues of concern.
  • Directors and heads of security have no ego and fully capable of recruiting silo experts to assist when necessary because failure in this faculty could be costly.

The security industry is fully aware that the practitioners have to react instinctively and subsequently use new research philosophies and methodologies to embed knowledge and skills that are superior and designed for the forever changing norm.

Wide Minded

The security practitioners are found in all of the other sectors and faculties because there is crime wherever there are people.

The critical thinking methodology of the security practitioner is unsurpassed.

Other faculties have tried to define and prove Critical Thinking, but the security industry has.

These research philosophies and methodologies should be considered as Meta-Research. For example, the security practitioners rely on all-the-truthful-information. They fully comprehend the fact that people lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda. Qualitative research is based on extracting information from people besides observing people. If researchers are gullible to the fact that people could be insincere for various reasons or do not ask the right questions for the right reasons under the right conditions, then one wonders how reliable the qualitative research truly is.

Directors and heads of security are dependent on all-the-truthful information to deduce their situation.

The following security bodies comprehend the threats in theatre and have their fingers on the pulse of the world.