30 Mar 2023

BioThreat-Security must budget for Arcturus

The Indian Government just called for an emergency meeting because of the Arcturus variant (a very fit and fast Covid strain). Having a population of more than 1 Billion people besides and taking the infection speed into consideration, it is wise to utilize the biothreat security protocols.

Infact and based on the Covid experience along with Mucormycosis (black fungus) in some countries over the last few years, along with the outbreak of Mpox dictates that any security practitioner that has not at least downloaded the free booklet for biological security threat is irresponsible and foolish.

We also have other viruses of concern outbreaking in Africa. At the moment they are localized to one country besides some have recently spread to three countries that are being monitored.

14/4 UPDATE – HEADSUP Certain Symptoms of hashtag#Arcturus dictate specific hashtag#BiothreatSecurityprotocols be utilized. The symptoms dictate that eye protection wear needs to be used beside the flow and behaviour of people need to be strategically controlled. These have now been updated on the free security officers booklet.
Also, keep in mind that there are different protocols for housing management, outdoor events besides mall management.

Security world-wide must budget for such.

Find Free Security Protocols for Biothreat Security on HIM