Exhibitions and Workshops

05-7March 2024

World Police Summit

12-14th March 2024, Louisiana


19-21 st March 2024 [USA]

Behaviour Analysis Conference

3rd-5th April 2024

Milipol Asia Pacific

24th-26th April 2024

World Border Security Congress

30 April – 2nd May 2024

The Security Event

24-25th September 2024 London

International Security Expo

12-14th November 2024 Madrid

Critical Infrastructure

2- 4 December 2024 London


Professional Development

NEW CHALLENGES : We are in a fast changing world of security vulnerability whereas the the team must be focused on the challenges in theater. It is wise to once in a while for the team to be briefed besides informed on what needs to be crafted or sculptured to litigate or limit the level of collateral damage.

New Generation Virtual Group Briefings & Workshops

Critical Thinking Situational Awareness uncovers new crime and discovers copycat crime. The Practitioners must read the situation, the people involved or the person-of-interest to limit and mitigate collateral damage.
HIM Virtual Group Briefings