What is ISIO?

Established in 2002

ISIO – The International Security Industry Organization is an organization with a defined role and function for criminology, security, protection, risk and investigation practitioners.


ISIO’s Global Positioning in the hierarchy  

ISIO has formed a MOU with CAPSI (India)SASA (South Africa) and IFPO International Foundation of Protection Officers represents 10.2 Million Security Practitioners in a bid to mobilize the security industry world-wide to curb the Biological Threat using security protocols. has also joined the mission.

ISIO Endorses events and workshopFurthermore, ISIO endorses media and has a huge following via social media pulling continuous global attention. Bi-Lateral Affiliations to other organizations outside the security industry,  places ISIO into a formidable position to introduce knowledge and advanced skills to all sectors. It is unfortunate but true that crime has no boundaries and all sectors of industry and commerce are impacted by such.

The Intelligence Guidance Centre (HIM) contains pertinent guidance on issues uncovered or copycat crime discovered besides peer reviewed manuscripts covering all sectors relating to all criminology, security, protection and risk investigation besides threat mitigation in all sectors.

What is the difference between an association and an organization?

An association is a group of people who share common interests, whereas an organization is a group of people focused on a specific topic. The mission of ISIO is to find crime and stop it besides protecting people and saving lives using technology or equipment and the workforce.

The focused team along with highly acclaimed professional academics, pracademics (academics that are practitioners on the ground), besides seasoned non-academic professionals contribute towards the overall concept by introducing new and evolved ideas to the industry.

Overall, Mission

There are millions of perpetrators that are daily trying to out-think and outsmart the security system being the manpower and technology. Consequently, ISIO researches the same to combat, litigate or limit the level of collateral damage.

Threat Identification, Innovation, Research, Solution Generation, Capacity Building, Standardization for Globalization

ISIO is powered by Human Investigation Management

  • ISIO introduced security protocols for Covid19, Mucormycosis & MPox (through HIM – Biological Threat Security)

  • ISIO promoting the concept of The X Factor in Security in Criminology Risk based on six studies interwoven into one manuscript which is the foundation to out-thinking and outsmarting the perpetrators using critical thinking (security styled)

  • ISIO focuses on AI [Artificial Intelligence] for Security Criminology-Risk Investigation Management

  • ISIO identifies global threats that could impact all locations or distinct fields of interest and suggests solutions.

Demographics: ISIO reach world –wide and through Social Networks

Professional Academics, Pracademics, besides seasoned non academic Practitioners on the ground in,

Military and Defense, Border Security, Critical Infrastructure, Buildings and Malls, Law Enforcement, Prisons, Investigators, Assessors, Consultants and Advisors for Ports and Cargo landside and on ships, Border Security, Policing Agencies, Hotel and Casino Security.

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