Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security and Risk provides an in-depth source of knowledge and literature for criminologists, security and risk investigation practitioners. So far, it is the only material in this field that comprehensively discussed various specific techniques for all types of investigative works.

The author took the initiative to lay down the ground rules for the modern and future investigators, analysts and field operators. This book is a must read!

By Professor Rommel Manwong PhD CST CPP

Author: Juan Kirsten

Available: Included in HIM

Description: Can I See your Hands: A Guide To Situational Awareness, Personal Risk Management, Resilience and Security

Author: Dr Gav Schneider

Available: Amazon

Description: This book is relevant to those in the close protection business as well as private investigators, journalists or those working in hostile environments.

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Author: Orlando Wilson

Highly Recommended to View the Description and innovative research for understanding all elements of combating cyber exploitation of children. Emerging Research and Opportunities!

Available in all formats from: IGI Global

Author: Associate Professor Hossam Nabil Elshenraki (Dubai Police Academy, UAE)

This book, Combating Workplace Violence, provides a basic understanding of workplace violence as well as prevention policy and plan development in nontechnical terms. Ancillaries following each chapter provide additional information and tools to assist your planning. Hopefully, using the material and framework of this book, more organizations will develop policies, procedures, and practices to prevent workplace violence.

Available in all formats from: IAP


Felix P. Nater, Nater Associates, Ltd.
David D. Van Fleet, Arizona State University
Ella W. Van Fleet, Professional Business Associates

Description: This book provides readers with the regional snapshot and geo-political background needed to understand the cultural differences, challenges, and the state of affairs for any country in the region. Filled with detailed cases of crime, theft of trade secrets, risk factors, and best practices, this book provides the real-world understanding you’ll need to conduct better-informed security management that will lead to improved decisions on how to protect your people and assets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Authors: Chris J Cubbage CPP and Dr. David Brooks

Available: Buy through CRC Press

Description: The book CPTED was very hard to do,  Reading at times isn’t easy nor is the idea or the thought is easy, but the content, that is the prize.

Authors: Lawrence J. Fennelly and Marianna Perry


Description: This book has become the more advanced version of the 150 Things about Physical Security, but they and different and contain in many cases or topics different material.

Authors: Lawrence J. Fennelly

Available:  Amazon

Description: This groundbreaking book, Family Terror Networks, analyzes the emerging and troubling facets of family terror networks. After addressing general principles of terrorism, the work discusses the characteristics of family terror networks. The book chronicles over one hundred case studies involving family affiliated terrorism across extremist ideologies. Also, it proposes a model for predicting and combating this type of political violence. Furthermore, the work describes law enforcement responses to terrorism, which concurrently undermine kin connected terrorism. Additionally, the book provides insights as to the future of family terror networks.

Author: Dean C. Alexander

Available at Amazon

Description: The material in this book came from several law enforcement sources.  Doing a book that contains  150 things is very hard, sure you can do 50 or 5 Things but when you get to 90 them its very hard. We did this book for several reasons,  it’s a beginners reference and then we raise

Authors: Lawrence J. Fennelly and Marianna Perry


Description: Industrial Security Management is a text book for a course for security practitioners. It presents the basic concepts of security in relation to management. Hence, it is designed for all players of security in the organizational hierarchy. It includes various aspects of security techniques, applying the principles of military, law enforcement and corporate security best practices. In addition, the protection of a plant against sabotage, pilferage, espionage and subversive activities are presented. Finally, guard forces and guarding system, pursuant to Philippine laws are discussed.

Author: Manwong | Domingo

Available at Leaps Academy

Description: The aim of this book is to show you some of the realities of the kidnap and ransom business and give some basic information on what you can do to make yourself a harder target.

Kindle Version:

Paper Back:

Author: Orlando Wilson

Description: Narco Wars relates the author’s experiences in recruiting and handling informants in Colombia during those dangerous years. It is an unflinching story of danger fear and stress, and of the tradecraft and bravery of the informants and their handlers.

Available at Amazon

Author: Tom Chandler

Description: best described by experts and seasoned practitioners

By Lawrence J. Fennelly

To all security managers I say, “it’s a must read”

By Orlando ‘’Andy’’ Wilson

With the spread of international organized crime this book is relevant whether you are working in Beijing, Bogota or Birmingham!

By Errol Peace

This is an exciting new approach to the investigation of crime, and very importantly to discovery of criminal activities.


Author: Juan Kirsten

Available: Included on HIM e-Connect Tools

Description: This PDF Booklet provides Security Practitioners the knowledge to re-budget for technology, equipment and the type of skilled manpower to limit covid-19 collateral damage.

Reviewed by Professor Larry Barton and Dr Rommel Manwong (Prof)

Included are protocols for distinct sectors besides an easy comprehensible method to design unique protocols for relevant purpose. This is because – it is not a one size fits all

Author: Juan Kirsten

Available through HIM | Human Investigation Management website

Description: Security Supervision and Management, Fourth Edition, fills the basic training needs for security professionals who want to move into supervisory or managerial positions. Covering everything needed from how to work with today’s generation security force employees to the latest advances in the security industry, Security Supervision and Management, Fourth Edition, shows security officers how to become a more efficient and well-rounded security professional. Security Supervision and Management, Fourth Edition, is also the only text needed to prepare for the Certified in Security Supervision and Management (CSSM) designation offered by International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)

Author: Sandi Davies

Available at Elsevier

Description: This work Strategic Security Approach against Pandemic (pdf) by Professor Rommel Manwong describes thinking specific security methods for business resilience and continuity in times of pandemics.

Freely Available at Books, Guns and Coffee

Description: Strategic Security Standpoint: Sustainability, Regenerative Culture and Presiliency affords the widest conceptual picture of what society must do to withstand any adversary with maximum sustainability for survival and preservation of the human kind. Some thoughts to ponder from this are: That we are living in a complex and fragile ecosystem where man is a primary consumer than a producer; Green Criminology and Ecology are fields/disciplines useful to understand the many why’s and how’s; we are experiencing “tragedy of the commons” and disaster risks, yet we aim for environmental justice; sustainability is not enough, and resiliency is outmoded; we need a strong adversary quotient (AQ) and regenerative culture (RC); and in order to achieve these we can apply the formula: Security + Safety + Resiliency + Presiliency = Maximum Sustainability. Professor Rommel Manwong describes thinking specific security methods for business resilience and continuity in times of pandemics.

Freely Available at Leap Academy

Description: A strategic and operational guide for investigation and investigation management

By Prof. Rommel Manwong PhD, CST,CSP

This is a great resource manuscript – for sure!

By Dr Katerina Poustourli

An important addition to this field

By Jean-Pierre Roux MPhil

Cutting the fat and building the muscle in the security industry

Author: Juan Kirsten

Available: Included on HIM e-Connect Tools

Description: The Professional Protection Officer, the successor to The Protection Officer Training Manual, is the definitive training guide and instructional text for first-line security officers in both the private and public sectors. The material included in this new version of the book covers all of the subjects essential to the training of protection officers, and has been the training manual for the International Foundation for Protection Officers since 1988. This revision contains 12 training units, broken into 45 chapters written by today’s leading security trainers and educators. Retaining the high quality of previous editions’ content, this new book adds critical updates and fresh pedagogy, as well as new diagrams, illustration, and self quizzes, all tailored to the training and certification needs of today’s protection professionals.

Author: Sandi Davies IFPO

Available at ASIS ONLINE

‘The Protectors’ ardently explores the journey of the Indian Private security industry through the life events of one man who was chosen by destiny to become the harbinger of change. The story of the Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) which has been around for more than a decade, has been passionately written about for the first time since its inception. With honesty and sobriety, Kunwar Vikram Singh describes the profound struggles of Indian security entrepreneurs including himself through various phases-both good and bad. He shows how with their true grit and determination, the PSI metamorphosed into a sunrise sector taking challenges head-on, with CAPSI leading the way. The institution at present is relentlessly pursuing its mission of skilling 1 Crore guardsmen & women across the nation, which continues to reshape their destiny.

Author: Kunwar Vikram Singh

Available at Amazon

Description: There will be major violence related to covid-19 but more so when extreme issues that can even further. The security practitioners can identify issues that could become major life impacting or deadly outcomes by using this book as a reference guide as it is fully stocked with cases that have already happened.

Author: Larry Barton, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety, University of Central Florida, USA

Available: On Amazon

Description: This groundbreaking – photo illustrated – book will give you an instant advantage.  It will enable you to recognize potential trouble before it happens and prepare you to respond.  It will help you understand and evaluate the nonverbal messages of others, regardless of the situation, from routine conversations and interviews to highly charged confrontations.

Author: Robert R Rail

Available at VARRO PRESS

Description: Now Physical Security books are big and always in demand.  See, you don’t just write a book you must design a book in your head as well as in your proposal to the publisher

Authors: Lawrence J. Fennelly and Marianna Perry

Available: Amazon

Description: Few people are better able to describe how to survive in a war zone than those who have seen, experienced, and lived it first-hand. Comprised of a collection of original stories from international contributors, Surviving the International War Zone: Security Lessons Learned and Stories from Police and Military Peacekeeping Forces contains true accounts of unimaginable scenarios that could only occur in war-torn and conflict-ridden areas.

Authors: Robert R Rail

Available: CRC Press

Description: Travel Security: Personal Travel & Vehicle Security is a no-nonsense security guide for the international or domestic traveler. The book high-lights essential security issues and gives the reader simple, proven and effective solutions. This book is applicable to those who travel for business or recreation, weather you’re an entrepreneur or corporate attorney traveling to an emerging market, or a family taking your yearly vacation this book will help you to identify and avoid potential security and safety issues. Travel Security: Personal Travel & Vehicle Security covers:

Author: Orlando Wilson

Available: Kindle Paper Back/Amazon

Description: We realize this is a beginners book, but as you read it we kept raising the bar.  These books of 150 Things really allows us to be creative in our writing, sometime brief and to the point

Authors: Lawrence J. Fennelly and Marianna Perry

Available: Amazon

Description: Aviation security expert Philip Baum delves into the archives to reveal the stories behind the most astonishing and shocking crimes in aviation history, calling on real-life testimonies from hijackers, crew members, passengers and politicians. The human stories behind the criminal attacks that have plagued aviation since 1911 are detailed in this authoritative and thrilling account of aviation security history, from the legendary hijacks by left-wing and Palestinian groups of the twentieth century, to the more recent suicide attacks carried out by fundamentalists and the psychologically disturbed.

Authors: Philip Baum

Available: Amazon (If stock has run out then find at second hand book shops)

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