16 Mar 2023

Heads of Security should identify Security Mangers suffering from ostrich syndrome.

The first nightmare is when the head of security has no idea of what is truly happening on the ground under their own nose.

The second is the security manager not knowing what is truly happening on the ground because their subordinates are not reporting all-the-truthful-information.

  • All security officers in the chain should know that not all crime being committed can be picked up on cctv.
  • Not all security officers are situationally aware. There is a different form of situational awareness as in environmental situational awareness, crime situational awareness, cultural situational awareness, crowd situational awareness, person of concern situational awareness, human trafficking situational awareness, bullying situational awareness, investigation situational awareness, and the list goes on and on. Subsequently, when the security officer is uneducated in reading people or the situation – then there is a lack of information reported simply because they did not know what to look for.
  • Security officers cannot afford to be naive to the fact that people lie, people hide information from them or why people would volunteer information to them. When security officers are gullible or uneducated in this primary skill then there is no reporting. All security officers cannot afford to be misled.
  • When security officers are unaware of how to layer their workforce by skillsets and character traits, then they invite increased levels incidents related to violent incidents.

How can a security manager provide the head of security reliable and all-the-truthful information. When there is a lack of security intelligence on and from the ground then we invite collateral damage.

  • Security Officers work in reality and manage life impacting and deadly incidents.
  • Security Officers manage the flow and behaviour of people.
  • Security Officers find the crime and stop it, protect sites and save lives.

It is not the weapon that is of concern, it is the people that cause mayhem and chaos.

How can I report mistakes – I will lose my job?

Security is always blamed so we are already used to it!

One should ask themselves,

Can I afford to suffer reputational damage?

Can I afford to suffer financially when some companies have been sued for millions?

Can I afford to only train compliance training – in other words – are the security regulators updating compliance standards to manage the threats of today?

What is the Solution? – The New Generation for today and adjusting for tomorrow

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