15 Sep 2020

Difference between criminal and security investigation


It does not serve security principals when crime is undetected and already in theater making this the biggest nightmare of any practitioner. Only after the fact are criminal investigators summoned. The Security Investigator is also called in after the fact but they must do more – so much more…..


With the active biological cv-19 threat and the expected crime wave to increase in size there is no way that the police will be able to investigate all the crime. Furthermore, the new types of crime will emerge because of the desperation of people besides the ‘illicit economy’ will grow at a faster pace than the ‘legal economy’

Nature of the Beast

The security vulnerable landscape is fast changing – more so than any other faculty with devastating outcomes. One can comprehend the changes over the past few months with the pandemic hit the world. Securing humanity against this deadly biological threat should have been managed by the officers in charge in relation to ” Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed”. Reaction speed should be immediate when it involves a life impacting or threat that can deliver deadly outcomes – such as a pandemic


The outcomes are already rolling out and will increase in size. Any practitioner that is unaware of their situation on the ground and if they also react to late, then they too will suffer collateral damage.


Uncover new crime and Identify evolving copycat crime

The Beast

This beast is devouring people leaving people running, hiding or standing face to face with it.

  • The face to face standoff

Some are mentally unwell and not knowing that there is a beast, Some are narcissists and believe they will be unscathed.

  • The hiding

There are desperate and will break quarantine to obtain or secure their basic needs (covered in previous articles of ISIO)

  • The running

There will be those that know that they could be compromised because of their health status and age and could be planning or already activated their escape by ensuring they are financially secure

The Vultures

Transnational and local organized crime, gang crime and lone wolf perpetrators can feed off any of the people that are running and hiding. They would use methods such as bullying, blackmail, and extortion (corruption)

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Be relevant and purposely react now!

Be relevant for the here and now. Being fully aware of the nature of the beast in theater that is presenting life impacting or deadly outcomes would be priority. The outcomes could relate to business besides people!

Being fully aware of the type of collateral damage that is being done and presenting such to peers by relating such to their respective interests would derive the support required to allocate budgets for the necessary.

Method – What you know and who you get to know

Heighten situation awareness with the relevant knowledge and associate with like-minded practitioners

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By Lawrence J. Fennelly

To all security managers I say, “it’s a must read”

By Orlando ‘’Andy’’ Wilson

With the spread of international organized crime this book is relevant whether you are working in Beijing, Bogota or Birmingham!

By Errol Peace

This is an exciting new approach to the investigation of crime, and very importantly to discovery of criminal activities.

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Mix with Like-Minded Practitioners

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