10 Sep 2020

Elevated Alert – Insider threat

Knowing the methods and motivations of crime, security and investigation gives the practitioner the edge to out-think and outsmart the perpetrator or assailant

Following is just a brief overview regarding security and criminology investigation during an active biological threat

The practitioners are handling multiple threats which have compounded the motivation (motive for action) of increased insider threats from people you would never believe would do such crime voluntarily or, perhaps doing such under duress and in concert with others.

There is nothing more powerful than the basic needs of man to break their moral code or religious convictions. If a child needs food, an asthma pump or a person needs a whiskey or cocaine – a person would do anything and everything to get that need filled. If a lover wants to see their love, they will climb the highest mountains, swim the deepest seas and walk the longest deserts to be with their love.

Here we will discuss not only physical security but also white collar crime but also organized and gang crime infiltrating and capturing goods and services that they need, such as, logistics.

Nature of the Beast

  • When a person has a compromised health status or any other issues, as in, last-in-employee-first-out then, consider the fact that they are also capable of doing anything.
  • They can be compromised or manipulated by others to do things that they would never do.


It does not help for crime investigators to only be summoned after the fact. This issue is in theater and the nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground. The security investigators are also summoned after the fact but they must do more – they need to uncover crime, identify copycat crime and use methods to limit the levels of collateral damage. To do this – there are indicators (methods used by crime syndicates-see below) that will identify a person of concern which could lead to the people working in concert.

Not all people can be detected when they are infected because they may be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic BUT – at least the ones that are at high temperature status -then something can be done. People that knowingly or unknowingly (mentally unwell) break quarantine are weaponized walking talking thinking threats in motion.

  • Physical Security

Practitioners must acknowledge these words – We are handling an active biological threat! If the security dept themselves are only using health protocols then they are naive to not explore security protocols related to such.

  • Bribery, Corruption & Theft

The Security could be the greatest threat which calls for a strong vetting format. If they are putting their lives on the line and have the keys to the door or are capable of walking in and out of the building carry bags then there is a big issue. PERHAPS, this calls for security penetration testing, or security assessors to support sites to secure against damage to reputation

  • Transnational and local organized crime besides gang crime

The practitioners must look for and identify the methods that these bodies use to achieve their objectives, which are ‘bulling, blackmail and extortion’. Example; people may have little secrets that are serviced by these bodies, as in, gambling debts, drugs or unusual pleasures.

  • White Collar

Intellectual property as in, theft of sales records and costing sheets could be easily escorted out on memory drives besides passwords or any other information that could cripple the entity. This sector truly demands experts to assist the practitioner to even so mitigate collateral damage.

This information above indicates that there is an elevated level of insider threat because of the motivations by people. Above are just a few issues mentioned because there is a multitude. Various issues are discussed among like-minded practitioners using the easiest and most effective method to comprehend the nature of the beast. Furthermore, the tool or the information provides formulas to find the person of interest or concern and to determine the syndicate or comprehend the narrative using incident reporting can be found on ISIO and even more so usingHIM