Security Criminology-Risk Investigation

Practitioners in this field

Find the Crime and Stop it

Protect Sites and Save Lives

Success in this field depends on the critical thinking ability & the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers
on the ground and their reaction speed

Established 2002

Practitioners in this field manage life impacting & deadly situations

Bridging Criminology, Security & Risk Management with Investigation

Mission: Comprehending the multiple threats that are in theater and devising solutions/protocols besides methods to limit or mitigate collateral damage.




Research Philosophy & Methodology

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Critical Thinking Researched Solutions

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ISIO Approved Standards

The two most important core attributes for security practitioners are

  • critical thinking (security styled)

  • and situational awareness

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Updated Biothreat Security guides

  • Protocols for technology purchase, installation & usage

    Managing flow & behaviour of people

    Litigate related crime

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  • Security Manager’s strategic protocol guide for biothreats

  • Housing Biothreat Protocols

  • Building Biothreat Security booklet


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Using AI & Technology

Instruments are only as good as the users

In this field, the users of technology for security – criminology- risk- investigation need to think in a specific way besides require continuous access to reliable intelligence. We are in a new norm where technology is evolving at a fast pace and covering all realms. This all means that practitioners need to have the knowledge and skills to feel confident in their decision-making when acquiring or using appropriate technology.

Approved Technologies
for Security Criminology-Risk Investigation


Latest Approved for Security Criminology-Risk Investigation
because it interfaces through RS-232


Description: The security practitioners can identify issues that could become major life impacting or deadly incidents by using this book as a reference guide as it is fully stocked with cases that have already happened.

Author: Larry Barton, Ph.D., Distinguished University Professor of Crisis Management and Public Safety, University of Central Florida, USA

Available: On Amazon

‘The Protectors’ ardently explores the journey of the Indian Private security industry through the life events of one man who was chosen by destiny to become the harbinger of change. The story of the Central Association of Private Security Industry (CAPSI) which has been around for more than a decade.

Author: Kunwar Vikram Singh

Available at Amazon

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”ISIO is an International Brand for Security and Criminology in one. It promotes the highest standard for critical thinking, analysis, and investigation like no other group has thought of. Be part of ISIO and experience the difference!” Dr Rommel Manwong [Prof]

”ISIO, the International Security Organization is where analysts, security professionals, academics, leaders, investigators, and many other critical thinkers are connected. If you feel the above statement is connected to your field  and you are interested as a critical thinker, then do not hesitate to connect to ISIO” Dhafir Shammery MPICT – CHIMC”

Weaponizing the Practitioner with New Generation Tools using knowledge, skills & technology

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Out-think and outsmart the perpetrators

Practitioners in this field handle life impacting and deadly situations. They must find the crime and stop it besides protecting sites and saving lives.

Knowledge must be acquired and the skillsets makes one relevant!