08 Oct 2020

Security Budgeting 2021

This is the most important budget that the security practitioner will ever need to do

Considering all related and not solely on guarding

There may be many companies that have ZERO – O Budget allocation for security or have had their budget slashed due to the economic meltdown resulting from the active biological threat.

Problem with emergency purchases for the pandemic that may need to be re-budgeted for and how to check to ensure all purchased is fine

Some practitioners were in a hurry to get tech and equipment without using ISIO security protocols for the active biological threat. There are manufacturers that ran onto the market with technology and equipment that had untested tech – not only the manufacturing of such but could of also should of been tested for under different conditions besides the installation and use of such. Some companies have had their technology discredited for unreliable equipment or providing misinformation in their advertising about their equipment capabilities or licensed category (medical devices). Now, the security manager has to make a choice – do they attempt to get new or more equipment and if so – would they loose their job for making such a mistake? In a time of crisis – people make mistakes by either the manufacturers thinking that they have the right product or purposely take advantage of the situation to make money. When the security manager is responsible for the lives of others, then they must disclose the situation and not feel alone because many were conned into purchasing tech. Therefore, if tech or equipment is required – check with the ISIO Security Protocols

Will have to budget for

The security managementwill have to pay the regulators for compliance certificates and expenses that are aligned to such. This expense must be budgeted for.

It is possible that the security manager may be instructed to cut their costs?

Cutting costs of Guarding Services

The issue here is that there are countries that do have regulating bodies however there are companies that provide guarding services below the standard rates. But – is this a smart move to sub-contact these companies?

Security companies may hire illegal workers or may hire workers with fraudulent licenses. There are those that may suggest to their workers that they must ‘run-their-own-business’ and provide the company with an invoice not taking into account the expenses such as unemployment insurance, taxes, etc., thus providing the company a lower expensed rate and an cost selling advantage to beat the ‘legal rate’ that righteous companies quote.

When the security manager considers and comprehends the multiple vulnerabilities and issues that they will experience in 2021 then they would think more than twice about taking short cuts. Is it a question of quantity or quality that is priority?

There are many countries that could be through a third and fourth wave of cv-19 which will drive the economy deeper into a global depression which opens to the door to higher unemployment, increased conventional crime and an assurgent of new crime and evolved crime. There is no ways that many countries will be able to police the number of demonstrations, cross cultural attacks, theft, rape, burglaries, home invasions, small groups of attackers on street businesses, muggings, attacks on delivery trucks, and all crime related to transnational and local organized crime, gang crime and lone wolf predators. Some countries to go to the breaking point of total anarchy.

Bribery and corruption will not discriminate between the private sector, government or non-government organizations. This includes the security services provided to such. The reputable security companies will ensure that they have strong oversight and governance of their staff.

Increased investigation

As outlined above, the policing structure will not be able to physically police and investigate all crimes. The head of security cannot be a one minute manager and only wait for the crime to take place – they must do all possible to stop it in its tracks or better still before it begins. The onus is now more so on the security manager to limit the level of collateral damage. It does not support security principles when an investigator is called in after the fact. The security investigator must find the crime before collateral damage takes place. The nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground as in when did it begin, who is involved, how are they involved and why are they involved!

Purposely purchased Equipment and Tech

In 2020 there could have been companies that purchased fever detection as in non-contact thermometers or thermal imaging software that was perhaps illegitimate without knowing so. The security protocols and points for reference for purchasing, installing and using such equipment is available on ISIO

Purposely educate relevant skills

It would help to do relevant skill development than to obtain higher learning qualifications unless the practitioner intends on leaving their position at this moment in time. This may be frowned upon but this multiple threat scenario in theater calls for immediacy with relevant effort. The professional practitioner must realize that there are those that can read them better while they are reading others. One cannot afford to be misled and therefore must daily practice basic tools to ensure that they are not suckered. Suppose we must consider the simple fact that a surgeon every morning peels an apple to keep their fingers nimble and so to must a professional manager and investigator do such with methods to out-think and outsmart the forever thinking criminal.

AI, reporting and comprehending the big picture besides analyzing and finding the pattern (critical thinking in-and-out – then out-and-in the box and visa versa). Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers (all the people) on the ground and their reaction speed.

All the People

The practitioner cannot work in a silo and has to work in concert with their peers in other departments. This is imperative so that the others learn to trust and respect the security department. In this way, the security department may overshadow the concept that security is a grudge purchase and an expense to the idea that the profits need to be protected. There are issues that could cause damage to the reputation of the entity that could severely damage the profit margins. Furthermore, for mergers and acquisitions the entity could do well in utilizing the skills of the security department in securing good deals by evading bad apples.

Be part of ISIO: ‘what you know and who you get to know’ even more vital than before.

ISIO – The International Security Industry Organization established 2002