28 Jul 2020

Security Business that will thrive or die in these times

Is it what you know or who you know – or is it both?

The practitioners that will excel are the ones that knows what they are doing and surrounds themselves with the right people. That little statement may get some reading it shrug with boredom and think – we all know that!

Knowing the obvious and knowing what to do – is quite different


Technology: After 9-11 – The size of the security exhibitions grew in size drew thousands of people. This was not only from the security sector but from hardware technology, bio-metrics and with the shift in analogue to IP technology trainers.

Now in CV-19, there is a scrambling of new technology and equipment that was discovered over the past few years since 9-11 such as, AI with CCTV and analytics bridging technology, drones, security and crime related incident management software,personal protection gear and equipment running into and onto the market.

Now, in this mad rush, there are companies with temperature/fever detection that bang out on their advertising that they have the solution with many using false or misleading claims in their advertising and presentations besides product that is even totally dysfunctional and/or even counterfeit.

Manpower After 9-11 There was also a flood of soldiers that were trained as warriors and on returning to civilian life found work in close protection. The ones that were in military police found their way into the police force as crime investigation. Some went into the private sector became security managers.

Now – Security Managers looking for a security pandemic course certificate should know that there is no course yet. Waiting for a certificate that is founded in insufficient information could be watered down. The SM MUST BE PROACTIVE because they are handling life impacting and deadly outcomes. They cannot WAIT for knowledge and the onus on them knowing what to do and how to do it. They MUST BE PRIORITIZED AS IN – DO IT NOW. REACTION SPEED is DEMANDED WITH AN ACTIVE BIOLOGICAL THREAT.

Situation today

  • What tech must be used?
  • What equipment must be used?
  • What manpower is required?
  • How we do layer security by layering specific skill-sets?

What knowledge is required to earn the trust and respect from peers that must be involved such as the HR dept and the Financial Officer?

  • The security practitioners MUST fully aware that they are handling an active biological attack. So when considering a security manager, consultant or practitioner that only can speak to the health department’s protocols is naive to consider that they are intellectually fit to manage the situation. Any company that employs a security company, a security/ risk or investigation manager that cannot talk about the full nature of the beast as in managing cv-19 and specifically talk to security protocols that are relative to the threats in theater is inviting collateral damage.
  • Furthermore, they comprehend the ramifications to-which associated related crime, new crime and established transnational organized crime, local organized crime and gang crime will grow at alarming rates. What will prompt the growth rate will be all of the above related to opportunistic outcomes from a pandemic that could impede and compromise a site in question pertaining to the economic meltdown or could go further of what could drive countries into total anarchy.
  • Today we know: that crime investigators may not be a good fit for risk manager positions. There is also a difference in criminal investigation and security/risk investigation. Crime investigators are called in after the fact whereas security investigation is also called in after the fact but they do more – so much more. The security and investigator also being familiar on criminology knows that they must uncover new crime or existing crime that could be happening under their own nose. Their biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground.


Where to begin, how to begin, what to look out for and what to bank upon.

Solution Problems

There have always been ‘so called’ experts – and there are also the knowledgeable and experienced practitioners on the ground. Desperate people will say and do desperate things so who do you trust.

There are some sectors that will drop in security demand and there will be some that will demand more security but there are others that will require specific security but are unaware that they have an issue to contend with.


When the nature of the beast is fully comprehended, then the security company, expert or practitioner will know where security and what security is required. Furthermore, they know which sector will slow down in demand. They will know which security or investigation sector will grow for distinct reason , for examples; corruption investigations, securing any product associated to man’s basic needs from manufacture – warehousing – logistics – final outlets besides being compromised by distinct criminal entities and more…..


If the above makes sense then one must comprehend that it is not a one size fits all kind-of-thing. Based on the theory ”security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and their reaction speed” (Juan Kirsten) – we must consider the breaking down of the statement.

  • What is situational awareness in this case? We need information (knowledge) to be situational aware. Any action based on insufficient or unreliable information will cause collateral damage.
  • What is decision-making in this instance? One actually has to think to make a decision. Thinking the same way will produce a certain result. The practitioners in this faculty are smart – super smart because they have to out-think and out-smart the criminal. But, do know how to think taking into consideration the knowledge and information that could become available or is unknowingly already available. Then it is a question of whom do you get the information – be it with interacting with like-minded practitioners.
  • What is the reaction speed now? In many instances, reaction speed must be used at the right time for the right reason under the right conditions. When there is an active threat in theater – reaction speed is a do-it-now thing!

What to do

Get Knowledge, Information or skilled-manpower that knows: Quick and Easy to find and do – time is of the essence!

Become highly familiar with the nature of the beast. We are under multiple attacks. If one only thinks they have cv-19 to worry about – then they are naive. This beast is like an octopus that is interbred with a lizard and a jelly-fish (Security and Criminology Investigation Management, Kirsten J).

Multiple attacks is mentioned above in the text if one has the knowledge to decipher them which gives guidance to the knowledge, information, guidance articles and protocols.

Who to know

This will depend on your level of situational awareness in such what information can needs to use and where do these people meetup. We could go into the specifics but not in an article – in person is best with like-minded people.

Some may make things happen while others watch what happens leaving the ones leftover- that wonder what the hell happened!

ISIO | International Security Industry Organization