25 Jun 2020

Security Industry’s Master disablement Plan for cv-19

            The HIM method and Tools that this work is based upon, were conceived, researched, and are presented herein by Juan Kirsten (ISIO/HIM). These methods are based on four manuscripts and/or e-connect tools which have been reviewed by Prof. Larry Barton/Emergency Management and Disaster Planning (USA), Prof. Rommel Manwong/Criminology and Security Studies (Philippines), Dr Katerina Poustourli Pre-normative Security Research  (Greece), Dr Declan Garrett/Security Training (United Kingdom),and Dr Gavriel Schneider (Australia), and other seasoned non-academics.


This work is a simple solution to disabling COVID-19.

COVID-19 is in theater and will be an active biological threat until such time a cure is discovered, and the population is inoculated. Therefore, the infectiousness of the disease dictates that many people will be infected to the extent that all people must be tested, monitored, and managed daily. This calls for mass mobilization and focused concentration by all stakeholders using the same methods and working in sync to limit the level of collateral damage.


§  The Health department have set protocols to ‘chemically’ test and in addition for hygiene and social practices for cv-19.

§  The Security Industry views the situation differently and considers that [they] are dealing with an active biological threat and therefore are conscious of unique challenges that could influence increased infections. Therefore, they have a different comprehension of the situation, the specific objectives to be achieved and security protocols that must be used.

Security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers (people) on the ground and their reaction speed. When the situation talks to a pandemic, then reaction speed must be highly proactive with distinctive objectives.


It is impossible to ‘chemically’ test each person every day because of the infectiousness of the virus.Both the health and security sector must be working in sync together towards the same goals, whereas the private security industry (with no policing powers) assists with 2nd tier testing, identifying people of concern and directing them towards the authorities (medical and mental institutions or quarantine centers)

The security sector and industry can electronically 2nd tier test millions of people many times daily. Furthermore, [They] have the semi-and skilled manpower to orchestrate the managed flow of people for quarantine.

When people leave their homes and use public transport, walk into a store or a building or anywhere – their temperature will be taken.

The problems are in the management and containment of the people when taking temperature as they may be in a state of anxiety and despair, meaning that they could react differently from their norm. Furthermore, not all people are displaying symptoms (asymptomatic). Some could be pre-symptomatic; therefore, they are not displaying symptoms yet but could in a few days.

This situation must consider using distinct protocols by the security departments because cv-19 is considered as an active biological threat in theatre with life impacting and deadly outcomes. For example, the layering of the manpower must be by layering appropriate soft and hard skills using relevant and unique skill-protocols.

Identify – Contain – Isolate – Rejuvenate

The objective for the security sector is simple, to identify a person that is infected, direct them to an isolation area and summon the appropriate authorities to assist the person in their quarantine.

Stated earlier, to identify the person of concern, technology and equipment is used. Companies must purposely purchase relative, reliable, and authentic equipment and technology.  The manufacturers are running onto the market with temperature, fever detection, etc. Major tech and related issues are being discovered (such as false advertising) therefore it is vital to check before purchasing or upgrading verify the authenticity of equipment and technology.  

There must also be consideration for where best to place certain technology/equipment. It does not help anybody if the users are not obtaining the desired results or achieving specific objectives by being untrained to install and use the equipment or technology. This information must be considered when compiling the protocols. Do view the USA Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for protocols related to non-contact electronic thermometers and thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imagining for mass-screening of many people at the same time is not recommended. Also, do check IPVM.com to determine if the products are legitimate and authentic.

When a person of concern is identified then they would need to quarantine. Some will voluntarily participate while others will be reluctant, unable or be unwilling to do so. The crowd reactions overall would be unlike any other before which calls for specific protocols by layering the skills accordingly.

The biological threat must be isolated and contained until such time it is not a threat. Consequently, the faster infected people are isolated and healed the better. When the person is infected and refuses to be contained then that person is a high threat that is weaponized and must be forced into quarantine. 

 The biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground therefore, security related investigative thinking applies more so than criminal investigation methods, simply because crime investigators are only called in after the fact.

There must be recording and reporting for incident management. If incident management software will be used then the incident management software will only be as good as the critical thinking management of such, besides collection of reliable and all-the-truthful information considered and must be speedily uploaded.

Decision-making in this pandemic does give leeway to reaction speed. Decisions made during a pandemic is quite unlike other scenarios where decision-making may be timeously introduced. There is no room for emotional issues regarding fears of failure, egos, or any other irrelevant agendas. Reaction speed takes precedence and one would have to live with the consequences. Rather do something than nothing at all!

Security issues impacted by cv-19 considered in a world depression and in-turn create larger issues to contend with

The Security Industry must consider the implications on crime and security that took place in the 1930’s during the great depression. The manufacturing industry took a major blow during the depression, the banks had their issues along with other sectors in the economic machine took its toll. Now, with the 4th industrial revolution is on the rise and will have its own unique issues and crime related.

In 1929 the great depression brought the world into a time of despair that lasted 10 years. COVID-19 is the root cause which surmounts the issues even more so. This dynamic of the ‘perfect storm’ will create calamities and shifting crime into different directions causing the security industry to shrink in some areas and grow in others.

This is the time when the security sector must play an important and productive role so that the globe does use these skills to disable COVID-19. Any form of riot or acts of aggression will trigger increased physical contact thus stimulating the number of infections.

This period in the 1930’s gave rise to certain types of crime and stimulated the birthing of the transnational and local organized crime gangs besides the empowerment of the pro-nationalist extremists that participated with the mass murder of millions.

Physical security will now have to contend with issues that will increase dramatically. The lack of jobs and lower buying-power specially from low paying jobs could stimulate pro-nationalist extremists to do once again unspeakable things.

The loss of revenue could drive humankind even more towards using desperate measures. Man’s basic need of food, shelter and drink [alcohol – (prohibition crime in the 30’s)] besides medicine or medical support will be heightened and calling for all related buildings and logistic services related as soft targets. It must be considered that additional needs form part of man’s basic needs and is discussed in the research of this article.

This comprehension of this knowledge will give direction to the security industry whereas, security consultants, companies, risk managers, investigators and trainers must comprehend their position, predict the changes in their location and field of interest to survive this debilitating period.

The perfect storm

As suggested above, the outcomes of cv-19 have led to the economic meltdown which in-turn, will present increased collateral damage with common and unique crime besides major factors concerning the human condition. COVID-19 influenced the human condition with heightened senses of fear, desperation, and anxiety. When we couple the cv-19 issues with unemployment leading to starvation then the human condition will become more desperate and lead to major challenges of increased mass violent outcomes to the extent of total anarchy in some countries.

The private security sector must protect the integrity of the supply chain besides contribute towards the disablement of covid-19. The supply chain will be tampered with by organized crime, gang crime, corruption, and very desperate people. This will cause major issues in delays of logistics, services or products required which will then cause even greater despair for the many.  


There is a second part to this plan of action which must run parallel and refers to food security and securing ‘community silos’ (hybrid domains). This stage is already gearing into a major threat as food parcels and stamps are already being distributed in an attempt to feed the masses. If not addressed simultaneously then anarchy will prevail and destroy the lives of billions.

Solutions, Leadership, and Implementation

In this short overview, it clearly displays that there are multi-threats impacting simultaneously, and others that will come into theater at different times in various locations. The implementation of the leadership plan and method would be by orchestrating the global and regional infrastructure working in concert on the same foundation. as well as, at their own timing and rhythm relative to their location.

Many countries have their structure in place the necessary methods to bring them onto the same page are being used with the current technology available. This all means, that the suggestions above could limit the level of collateral damage and offer a platform of solutions that can rejuvenate collateral damage already done and tackle the unknowns that are to follow.

Leadership and Information Availability

The research, operational methodology and protocols are available from Juan Kirsten. Director General [ISIO] | International Security Industry Organization and Author HIM | Human Investigation Management, (Endorsed by ISIO and IFPO | International Foundation for Protection Officers)

Juan Kirsten Author, Security Manager’s Strategic, Operational and Protocol Guide to manage Covid-19, 2020,Master Investigator Critical Thinking in Investigation Vol 5, 2019.Criminology and Security Investigation Management Vol 4, 2019,Critical Thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security and Risk Vol 3, 2018. All rights to such are reserved. The operational methodology and protocols related is the intellectual property of Juan Kirsten. [May 2020]