24 Mar 2020

New crime related to Covid29

This introduction talks to a protocol and guidance articles that explores; soft targets, volatile behaviour management, corruption and fraud, product theft, and other issues,

Regardless of the crime:

To identify and interact with a person-of-interest

1.     Thermal detection using CCTV or handheld will identify an infected individual. This person would then be full-blown infected.

2.     Approaching the person must only be by properly protected staff

Consider that the person that is infected could affect others within 1.5m to 2m and, also know that the eyes and mouth could be entry points for the virus. Subsequently, staff must use eye- goggles or face shields with masks when approaching a person of interest. 

Focus is also paid attention to the following, namely,

  1. Criminals wearing masks may not be easily identified or not at all by CCTV. Subsequently, one may not rely on facial recognition software. [Research of some manufacturers are discussed in the work]
  2. Protection consideration for security of medicines, protection gear and equipment from Pharmacies, Hospitals, and Hotels (that could turn into ICU (Intensive Care) or Quarantine centres). Subsequently, the protocols for the protection of such must be considered besides methods to mitigate shoplifting.
  3. The Warehousing and Logistics of medicines, protection gear and equipment could be targeted by criminals and call for distinct security services.
  4. Furthermore, the work considers the Financial Crime and Fraud to raise funds to sustain people besides the protection suggestions of pawn shops that purchase goods for cash
  5. At various points of interest, one must accept the fact that people could become highly volatile and upset. Subsequently, certain skills mentioned therein needs to be quickly trained.
  6. The work also considers that there are security practitioners that may become unemployed and therefore highlights specific sectors that will need experienced personnel and some with distinct skill-sets that are easily obtained.

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