13 Oct 2023

Friday 13th Global Threat Israel – Hamas

FRIDAY 13th October 2023

Regardless of Political affiliations, Religious beliefs or Moral code, security practitioners must be unbiased and conduct themselves just as the nurses, doctors and surgeons.

The Security practitioners are obligated to finding the crime and stopping it, protecting sites and saving lives.

According to: The former leader of Hamas Khaled Meshaal, called for Muslims across the globe to head to the squares and streets this Friday and protest in support of Palestinians and for neighbouring countries to join the battle against Israel.

In a recorded statement sent to Reuters, Meshaal is heard saying, “[We must] head to the squares and streets of the Arab and Islamic world on Friday.”

However, being in the security industry we know that a threat has tailing threats. A call to all Muslims could bring other terror groups onto mission besides Hamas such as Hezbollah, ISIS/ISIL Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and others in different countries.

As they say- the enemy of my enemy is my friend! Consequently, the security industry considers that in all populations there is a small percentage of extremists that could be pro-nationalist or pro-revolutionary that could join this call. So even if people do not belong to the list of terror groups, they may attempt to derive media exposure for their own cause.

Perhaps Humanity may learn one day that when people love their children more than they hate others – then there could be peace.

The global security industry is larger than any military force in the world – it has a job to do – protect humanity!