16 Oct 2023

State of Readiness-HeadsUp-Security Terror Alert

We TERM Terror Alert! world-wide because all citizens and immigrants will feel fearful and terrorized regardless of their location.

Shortly, there will be an increase in demonstrations that will evolve into riots with a high probability of life impacting and deadly incidents.

More than likely there will be attacks on Jews, Jewish communities, Jewish businesses, day-care centres for children and senior citizens besides schools.

Obviously, all neighbours to the above are at high-risk. It is advised that the neighbourhood watch groups increase their level of security besides ALL should use authentic and experienced security services.

We remind the security sector that they must abide by the same principles as nurses, doctors or surgeons which is ‘without bias’, regardless of sex, colour, religious beliefs, political affiliations, or moral code, they must find the crime and stop it besides protect sites and save lives.

ISIO wishes that all love their children more than they hate others for the sake of humanity and peace on earth.