19 Sep 2023

Security Budgeting for the new norm

#SecurityBudgetingFor2024 could call for a different approach for specific reasons because of the fast pace of technology development besides for workforce recruitment, training and deployment.

”Profit Protect”

Some expenses have to be budgeted for because compliance standards need to be adhered to in a number of countries.

Rest assured there is crime and corruption in all fields including the security industry! This is a large community, larger than any policing or military body in any country but reputational damage spreads like wildfire.

In today’s era, the first consideration in the new norm is reputational protection because it contributes towards profit protection. The question, is what, where and how is reputation protected?

Know the situation.
Common Crime and specific crime in distinct fields of interest. One should know that there are millions of perpetrators thinking 24/7 on how to beat the security system (technology and workforce) subsequently one could be unaware of what is truly happening on the ground under their own nose. Not knowing could erode profits.

Purchasing the right products for the right reason at the right price will depend on the comprehension of the main job functions which would be related to incident management, investigation management and emergency management. Keep in mind that by not following certain protocols for purchasing technologies could impact with reputational damage and profit erosion. For example, some countries have banned certain brands of technology in government departments for good reason. Why is private sector buying?

Also keep in mind, that the technologies are only as good as the users. Some suppliers offer training on the use of the tech however it is how the users think that gets the most out of it.

Reliable information.
Management needs all the truthful information from the ground in a timely fashion. One can use DataINT, ComINT, TecINT, SigInt, and HUMINT. We highlight HUMINT for specific reason because they use all the other INTs.
One cannot act on misinformation or unreliable information because that also could erode profits for a number of reasons.

Security is only as good as the people.
When employing certain people and not strategically layering the workforce with certain or specific skills sets and characteristics then once again, the reputational damage could impact profit margins.

When one only banking on compliance training, then they should know that there is a new norm to assist staff in quick training that related to finding the crime and stopping it – protecting sites and saving lives. Uninformed and uneducated staff costs money in many ways!

Above are some points to consider but it is the mentality and language that is used to mission and loyalty bond the accountants.

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