15 Mar 2023

Security Criminology-Risk Investigators may not be getting the most out of their technology. Bells & Whistles.

Technology Information overload

There is now so many different technologies and terminologies for the security risk investigator to digest. For example, PSIM physical security information management or VMS visual management systems. AI, Deep learning, Analytics, drones, counter-drones, sensors, IoT just to mention but a few. Then there is risk management or security enterprise management, investigation management and some by another name because they attempt to distinguish their technology for a specific sector, but it is the same technology.

BUT, there are certain functions and objectives that all practitioners undertake. The combination and integration of job functions demands convergence of specific technologies for incident, emergency and investigations. When one or two specific technologies are not considered then one can land up chasing their own tail again.

Technology is only as good as the users.

With so many technologies and terminologies how a security risk or crime investigator could select or use the technology effectively. There are practitioners that buy the bells and whistles and not getting what they need from their investment, or perhaps they could get more and better return. Consequently, the users of the technology cannot simply rely on the tech salesperson but firstly get to easily know the logical sequence of a thinking pattern to determine their requirements.

Tech manufactures make and talk tech because many are selling through tech re-sellers. Some of them have no clue whatsoever about security or how security risk investigators think. They may train their tech methodology to distributors, integrators or installers that also may not know security risk or investigation. They may contract security risk or investigation advisors to assist with tech design or even have past project experience, but each location or field of interest could have unique issues. They may even use past projects as their case studies, however, not each case is the same besides the timing is an issue due to the perpetrators’ innovative thinking that are daily trying to out-think and outsmart the security system (technology and workforce). This does not effectively serve the security risk investigation practitioner.

Tech is Used for

Security Risk Investigation Practitioners one way or the other are involved in incident management, investigation management and emergency management. This is besides their objectives that is spelt out below.

Taking for granted

There are that those that are not educated in this field and there are some security risk investigators that attend specific courses on security information systems. There are some excellent training courses but still may not get all they need out of their results because of the new norm. This could be because they may not know the crime taking place under their own nose or truly knowing which tech is best because of the speed of innovation. Furthermore, the technology must work in sync with the workforce because there is crime that cannot be detected by technology alone but can be used as an evidence collector.

Secret to success

Critical Thinking (Security Styled) Out-and-in or in-and-out the box so to speak.

When one does not know the crime or criminal behaviour then the practitioner needs to be sufficiently resourceful. It may sound strange, but they could discover what they do not know with what they do know.

It is the thinking method that needs to be applied to get the best out of the technology from beginning to end (assessing and selecting to purchasing and using). When the thinking method using two simple principles is applied to the achieve the following then we are making great headway.

  • Find the crime and stop it
  • Protect sites and save lives
  • Profit protect the client and themselves

Dollars, Pounds, Euros or whatever other currency..

IF one is going to invest 1000 or 100 000 or 1000 000 or 10 000 000 Dollars, Euros, Yen, or whatever currency – then at least know how to think it -to buy it- and use it!

Find the following – how to get the most out of AI and tech by merging workforce with technology, AI and tech for crime and concerns, AI for Security Emergency Management are all within the ‘Critical Thinking Tool’

View – The easiest and most effective tool to assist to use AI and tech for current threats in theatre besides preparing for the predicted threats over the next two or more years.