04 Feb 2022

Threat Assessment

The Camelian, Octopus, and Cheetah just arrived for dinner. The host should be the elephant and not a dog

The 31st January 2022 is time to update the threat assessment as quite a bit has transpired since the last update on the 22nd Dec 21.

This assessment talks to Stealth Mode… Silence before the Storm!

Understand the beast and Follow the pattern

The Ostrich syndrome! is when this ostrich has dug a hole to lay its eggs. From a distance people may misinterpret something and have their head down, out of view and being totally unaware of the threats in theater. This is when the predictor comes onto the scene and takes advantage of the situation.

The tail wags the dog! Many may be in a mindset now of ‘what the hell’ when they hear certain words and just shrug off a topic and refuse to participate in discussion. The reality of the security industry is that we live in reality and manage or experience life impacting and deadly outcomes. Therefore, we plan for the worst scenarios because we do not want to realize the consequences that deliver devastating collateral damage.

Recent history from September to December 21 we brought into session various considerations to profit protect the clients and ourselves. Thereafter a few weeks later, we called for Omega Status before omicron was ‘Greek’ named for distinct reason.

A few days ago: Within a few weeks, now omicron is now an ancestor. A few days ago stealth omicron’ (google search) which is an offspring and a virus of interest was eventually detected. It may not be deadly but could be more infectious. This may impact the expenses related to sick leave, multi-skilling or temp employment.

The Pattern of unknows

What we know now: We may picture this beast now as it looks like it is part Camelian, an Octopus and can move as fast as a Cheetah.

What we do not know: as this omicron is different to the original strains and now can evolve and can move undetected for while before it is detected. This tells us that we could experience once again another pattern being an offshoot of the originals such as deadly or more lethal than Delta that could be more damage. We just do not know!

What we do know and must remember (Elephant)

The security practitioners cannot afford to be like the ostrich. The security industry are the ones that are doing the work on the ground for the ministries of health by taking the temperature of people, managing the human flow and the behavior of people besides ensuring that they sanitize. BUT, the industry does more because of crime related to the threat.

The speed of identifying the threat and reaction speed is vital

  1. Fundamentals of Security Protocols for Biological Threat Security with specific goals to profit protect.
  2. Using technology and manpower to find new crime or identify evolving habituate crime quickly. One can use AI, Investigation Software besides Manpower and technology for Incident Reporting to handle what we do know and to find what we do not know.
  3. Security Emergency Management and protocols to manage Panic Attacks, Riots and Demonstrations by the populous. This is besides knowing what type of technology (AI) can save lives because every minute counts!
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