15 Feb 2022

2022 Security Goals and Directions to consider

The vulnerability landscape threat assessment and predications spell out the need for the largest force in the world being the security industry to be focused on the same page with the mission Mission

Using Manpower & Technology

– Find the crime and stop it

– Protect people and save lives

The reality of the security is that we must be realistic besides all know that we must plan and prepare for the worst.

  1. Each location and field of interest has its issues. Do check the type and pattern of crime in your location of field of interest over the past 2 years.
  • What type of crime has occurred and was there a gradual or speedy increase in the volume of such?
  • Was there an increase in demonstrations or riots in your location and how were they different? What was the motivation? How did they impact you or your field of interest?
  • Was there any theft of specific goods or ‘mob theft’ on distinctive sites?
  • Did you uncover any new crime or have noticed an increase in specific habitual crime?

Based on the above, do you have the necessary workforce, technology, equipment and protocols in place for 2022 that should litigate the collateral damage on the 2 years of experiences?

2. Momentarily many countries are going down to endemic status. Do you believe that the amount of crime or the types of crime will de-escalate if your location shifts to a status of endemic?

Did you learn anything substantial about security – criminology – risk investigation during the pandemic? e.g., Perhaps more about technology, layering the manpower by skillsets and personally on how to keep others calm besides seeing what and how many desperate people were doing.

  • How fast did the population in your location get infected with the ancestor omicron or other linages of such? Do you know?

The Pattern of things to consider,

  • Some countries are shifting towards endemic status from state of pandemic.
  • We know that it is the security industry is the sector that is actually doing the job on the ground for the ministries of health by taking temperature, managing the flow and behavior of people besides ensuring that they sanitize. But, they do more because of the crime and other issues related to such.
  • If a delta or more deadly beast of a virus enters the domain then a population in panic mode could deliver unexpected collateral damage on a greater scale.
  • Based on the patterns of fluctuating variants regarding speed and potency, the security industry should be fit for purpose just in-case. If such happened – are you prepared to handle the population in panic mode?

3. Over the past 2 years, some of the technology and equipment suppliers have grown in size because of the specific market demands. Some ran onto the market to quickly and may have suffered reputational damage for distinct reasons.

  • There should be an increase in demand for specific technology because we may need to rely more so such that is able to predicated threats in your location or field of interest 2022 (if this needs to be clarified then contact the author).
  • Having said such, there is no escaping the fact that the demand for technology related to the security industry will grow more so in the future. The pattern of confirmation of such statement is based on what has transpired over the past 20 years. We must acknowledge that the speed of change has escalated the innovation and improvements dramatically so one could say ” it is here and now”

4. New generation of specific skills should be considered

There are millions of criminals every day that are tying daily to beat the security system be it the technology and workforce. They lie, hide or volunteer information. When the practitioner is naïve to that fact, then how could they possibly find the crime and stop the crime?

  • Some have suffered disappointment because of people that have lied, hid or volunteered information for their own agenda.
  • Some may have not noticed specific crime taking place right in front of them because they did identify the crime as they were uneducated about that type crime or they did not notice criminal intent.

Security Criminology Risk Investigation cannot afford to be misled

  • Any practitioner in this sector knows that reliable and all the truthful information is vital.

How do you judge or know if you are successful?

The thing about this it is hard to realize you are making the progress you would like to make or capable of making unless the goals are not clearly defined.

  • Some may believe that they sailing soft seas and all is good. One cannot afford to adopt the ostrich syndrome because lives hang in the balance. There is just so much responsibility to take on but the job has to be done and done right.
  • The biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground under your own nose. So, suppose a goal should be – find the crime and stop the crime. The thing is that not all perpetrators or criminals are stupid and there are millions of them working at it every day.
  • In this field all academics, pracademics and seasoned professionals are either teaching, mentoring or directing others that could (used to say and now we say) will handle life impacting or deadly outcomes. So, suppose we say a second goal ‘on par’ is protect people an save lives.

This all above requires technology and people power. When one knows what to look for, how, where and why – then people and technology are necessary allies. We need to layer the workforce by skillsets and integrate the technology in such a way that the truthful reporting (from people or using technology) will give direction to under covering new crime, discovering evolving issues besides solutions to consider (methods to either litigate or mitigate the collateral damage)

For 2022, TOOL-UP!. The HIM Tool for 2022 is available for deployment. Furthermore the subscribers to the Tool will obtain vital information through out the year.

  • It focuses on the above topics
  • It is not only a question of what one gets to know, but also who one gets to know that is important. This covers: Threat identification, Research, Innovation, and Standardization for Globalization

Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed

(Kirsten J, 2018)

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