15 Jan 2022

Security should double check their very important 2022 budget.

It cannot afford to be rigid and accompany a contingency budget because of the vulnerable landscape when dealing with a pandemic and the crime associated thereto.


We have done intensive research and development over the past two years. In-fact, as far back as Feb 2020 we warned on possible threats associated to covid19 with its tailing threats besides providing ‘heads-up’ alerts on high probability on distinct issues. These issues did play out in all countries and some more so uniquely in other countries.


For 2022 assessment we now follow the pattern of key markers to comprehend what could happen, what would need to be acquired, how it could be used best and why we must consider certain elements.

The reality of the security industry is that all practitioners that work in it – work in reality. This means that they cannot afford to be in ostrich syndrome mode because we handle life impacting and deadly outcomes

The security practitioners must plan for the worst because the of the consequences that could take place

With Omicron: There will be increased sick leave of staff over the next few months. In some countries they have experienced such, and in some countries – it is yet to display the impact of such. This situation may incur expenses related to cross-skilling of existing staff or hiring of temporary staff.


Security is only as good as the security team and the people that support such. Unfortunately not many security practitioners are reporting to the ‘right people’. Besides such, some people that make decisions consider security as an expense.

We may become more reliant on technology to increase reaction speed, discover new crime related to the threats and to identify issues to litigate before increased levels of havoc will be experienced.

Solution: those that give good argument supported with the right knowledge will present with good reason to the accountants that will understand and appreciate the budget and could allocate a contingency budget that may need to be exercised. There may be some that may read this and not believe that it is in possible however we will not know if we do the same as previous years that did not result in success.


Based on the viral pattern it is time for the security practitioners to plan for the worst. Take this warning seriously because if we have not learnt anything of what Omicron did in the short period since its introduction, then we will have to face the consequences with the next wild-child that appears. Also get to know what we need to consider budgeting if such enter the domain.

Solution: Get to know at least the concept of biological threat security

Knowing the crime pattern related to BTS in a location or field of interest. The biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening on the ground right under one’s nose especially when people are desperate because of the bio-threat and high rate of unemployment due to economic meltdown.

Solution: Use technology and manpower constructively to ensure a continuity and same consistency to that of the millions of perpetrators that are trying to out-think and outsmart the security system.

Reaction speed protects profits, avoids levels of disability and deadly outcomes.

Solutions: Comprehend the use of technology

Quick access to information. Reaction speed based on good intelligence is vital.

Solution: So, it is not only what one gets to know but who one also mixes with.

MOST IMPORTANT: If one is doing an assessment or contracting a person to do such, then consider that the person must be intimately aware of all related to biological threat security because it is in theater along with its related tailing threats.

They should also be knowledgeable on why technology may need to be used because the objectives need to be clearly understood because this not a one-size fits all-kind-of-thing.

Note: Do keep in mind that the vulnerability landscape can change at any moment – so any previous case study could become irrelevant very quickly.

Find what and who you should consider to know to prep and budget for 2022.

It is all on the same HIM Tool endorsed by CAPSI, ISIO and SASA representing 9.15 million security practitioners.

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