18 Nov 2020

Vaccine Security from manufacturing to the patient


Even if the vaccine is for free, rest assured people are desperate and would want to be front of the queue.

Despite reassurance by governments there will be many that fear that the
vaccine will only reach them many months after the first inoculations occur.

If there is any delay whatsoever in the deliveries, then the situation will escalate. There are millions of people that have to be vaccinated with freshly cold-packed vaccine.

Furthermore, who knows at this time the life of the vaccine is. People that in countries that are at the bottom of the receiving list or ones that live in rural areas may fear that the time span to receive such will not be in their lifetime.

Practitioners plan for the worst and
hope for the best!

Basic need of man

Man will beg, borrow or steal to fulfil the need to obtain the vaccine for their family or friends. You also do have people with phobias and there are also those that are mentally unwell that could react more desperately.

Opportunistic crime will be rampant from transnational and local organized crime, gang crime and the lone predator will go to all means to obtain this liquid gold.


The problem for the manufacturers is in the warehousing and transportation of the vaccines using cold storage. This opens the door to criminal elements that would target their attacks and having to use cold storage to store, ship and distribute the vaccines.

Any business that manufactures or has cold storage facilities besides others that can store, or transport cold storage would be a soft target.

Businesses that have industrial fridges be it the butcher, hotel, old-aged home or such like would be a soft target.

Hospitals, clinics, and pharmacists would be soft targets



Rest assured from the Head of State of Government right down to the floor cleaners of hospitals or security staff could resort to getting their friends through the backdoor or to the front of the queue.


One must not be surprised if there are people that will pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a vaccine shot. So, do not be surprised if the people on the ground could go as far as taking a few dollars per shot from a poor person.

Transnational or Organized Crime

Could resort to arranging truckloads of authentic vaccines or even go to the extent of counterfeit vaccines.

The complete booklet and more is provided to ISIO members