23 Oct 2020

Security Consultants, Tech Sales, Security Managers avoid reputational damage


Over the past months, technology companies have run onto the market at a fast pace without considering the simple fact that the clients are investigating to limit the collateral damage of an active biological threat. This threat can deliver deadly outcomes and investment that is spent calls for ‘professional responsibility’ that supersedes the ego of the lazy practitioner that simply buys the first thing they see, or uses the services of an inexperienced and uneducated advisor or installer without checking.

Months ago, ISIO posted articles to limit the level of cv-19 collateral damage and did address technology and equipment besides layered manpower by skillsets. We are gob-smacked to still see technology (already illegitimate in some countries) trying to enter the market or misinforming the market about their technology and equipment.


  • What are the implications to the Technology supplier, security consultant/advisor or sales outlet that is peddling ‘bad’ equipment?
  • What is the implications of not installing, training or using the equipment properly?
  • What are the implications if Security Managers if they are purchasing illegitimate equipment or equipment that is not installed correctly or used properly? Do you think they will get a job again when they are interviewed by someone that knows what is going on?

Transparency and Accountability

  • Does the Company Tech, Advisor, Security Manager and Training Manager report to their seniors that the equipment and tech is not suitable and they must re-purchase again or do they hide the fact for numerous fears?
  • Can they take the chance of being the ostrich and not doing anything – hoping that no one finds out?

An active biological threat that can deliver life impacting or deadly outcomes speaks for itself. They should not feel alone because many are in this situation – all people were desperate and at least they tried to do what they needed to do. Some people that are chasing the fast buck and have no conscience will be found out. They will loose their standing – word gets around.


There are two reference points to check for the right equipment, correct methods of installation and using such. Both reference points must be checked as they are different tasks. These are laid out in the security protocols besides other cv-19 protocols that talk to fields of interest because this is not a one size fits all ‘kind-of thing’. All are available on the intelligence guidance center link on ISIO, as in;

Reviewed by Professor Larry Barton and Professor Rommel Manwong

– – It is a question of what you need to get to know and who you need to get to know that keeps you in the loop

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