02 Sep 2020

All practitioners prepare now for crime wave in last quarter and 2021

All practitioners must prepare and budget for outcomes related to the Tidal Wave of crime!

On Feb 28th this year, ISIO alerted its members to consider budgeting for cv-19 considering technology, equipment and layered skilled manpower.

ISIO as of the 1st Sept, is now suggesting members to consider their situation for the next 3 months and for 2021. 

This would be by, keeping in mind the next phase of multiple threats related to the outcomes related to cv-19 besides economic meltdown and/or civil unrest. This could be by recalling, following  the dots and observing without bias on, what has taken place in a location of field of interest over the past few months. Then, consider how all could evolve and impact your region of interest

There was not much crime during the lock-downs but now, there will be increased crime and criminal methods that many would find shocking. 

Shortly, Practitioners are handling multiple threats being;

  • a 2nd wave of the active biological threat that requires security protocols for technology, equipment and layered manpower.
  • increased and unusual types of criminal methods and crime targeting the full supply chain related to the known and ‘new’ basicneeds of man 
  • the crime related to the economic meltdown where in some countries it will be negligible and in others – unmanageable.
  • distinct crime will grow dramatically regardless of location from ground floor level to higher management structures such as, corruption and fraud
  • there will be increased incidents related to civil disobedience between pro-nationalist, pro-revolutionary groups and cross cultural attacks
  • furthermore, attacks on immigrants taking jobs

There are many more crimes and concerns listed in the intelligence centre link and those mentioned in the 1-hour virtual meetups

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