25 Aug 2020

Security Manager’s Tools to limit the number and impact of multiple threats that are in theater

Security Managers are handling multiple threats which will increase shortly because of the mass unemployment of many in some countries along with starvation and civil disobedience. Increased soft target attacks, as mentioned in the tidal wave of crime (ISIO article), will call for increased armed protection for escorting all forms of carriers and high value distinct potential targets, which could be along with full width and breath of the supply chain.

White collar crime in the sense of corruption, theft of non-tangible items such as intellectual property, insurance fraud, cyber crime, and others will grow to numbers that not many countries will be able to police nor investigate

‘Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground (all are decision-makers) and reaction speed’

The practitioners and the people on the ground must be able to identify a person of interest/concern and to determine if, where, how and why they are working on their own voluntarily or in concert with others under duress. View HIM Human Investigation Management ENDORSED BY ISIO and IFPO

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