17 Mar 2020

Most important Tool for Incident Management -Security, Investigation & HR Practitioners

The HIM e-Connect Tool contains the easiest and most effective method to read a person-of-interest, the people on the ground and, the situation to limit the collateral damage for any pandemic.

Furthermore, the Tool contains the protocols and guidance articles informing where, why and how to use the knowledge and skill-sets

Latest Guidance 3 Articles on Covid19: identify, prepare and mitigate with protocols

A. Method of approach – what to hear, see and do in hotels, ships boarding schools, rehabilitation and quarantine centres

B. LATEST Protocols: HR and Security Incident Management Covid19 Protocols. How to find a person-of-concern and how to identify their social interactions using technology and quick deception detection and critical situational interviewing skills

  • Getting the most out of Incident Management software Physical Security Management
  • Comprehend the narrative with accurate reporting
  • The instruments are only as good as the users 
  • Practitioners realize specific skills must be used at certain time when handling life impacting or life & death situations
  • The Interview is only as good as the interviewer 
  • Identifying and assisting the Silent Victim
  • Situational Awareness: Asset Protection and Loss Prevention

Additional for issues that are always in session

  • Situational Awareness Critical Infrastructure and Border Security
  • Situational Awareness: Security Protection Services Threat
  • Situational Awareness: Organized Crime and Terror
  • Situational Awareness: School Security: Child/Teen Killers, Teen suicide and Bullies
  • Uncovering loopholes in the Close Protection Sector
  • Prisons and Correctional Services
  • Situational Awareness: Hotel Security
  • Situational Awareness Hostage Negotiator and Undercover Operative

Manuscripts for Research

  • Critical thinking the X Factor in Criminology, Security and Risk (Vol 3)
  • Security and Criminology Investigation Management (Vol 4)
  • The Master Investigator Critical Thinking in Investigation (Vol 5)

For HR & Security

  • Guidance Article: HR and Security could co-operate and use the same incident management software
  • Guidance Article: 525 words ” Situational Awareness Human Resources ”
  • Guidance Article: 1117 words 3 pages ”Identifying and assisting the Silent Victim”

For Director & Managers of all Industry Sectors

  • Guidance Article: 800 words 2 pages ” Leadership – Security style”
  • Guidance Article: 606 words 2 pages ” Project Management Security Style”
  • Guidance Article: 1179 words 3 pages ”The Business Hostage Negotiator” [Updated] (The negotiator that can read the other better derives more out of the negotiation)

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