The Strategic and Operational Guide
for Investigation & Investigation Management

This manuscript is a great resource for sure!

“The concept you arrived at Master Investigator is direct to the point and strikes the heart of every investigator. Critical thinking and situational awareness are the cores of the concept, which I believe to be the best foundation of strategic thinkers in solving crime problems.

The conceptual framework points out that one must be well versed on global issues and to align oneself on specific levels of skill in order to effectively solve crime problems and its complications. It elevates the Master Investigator in understanding the special, organized and transnational characteristics of international crimes. The cases-in-points were great values that explains critical thinking. You have shown how hybrid types of threats need hybrid types of solutions. You also well pointed out that, although software and technology maybe available for crime solving, one cannot disregard the power tools of the mind”

By Professor Rommel K Manwong, PhD, CST, CSP Filipino Criminologist for 23 years. Author of Various Criminology Books for Philippine Criminology including Security and Law Enforcement. Currently the Director of Law Enforcement and Public Safety Academy (LEAPS Academy) and the Special Operations Training Institute based in Metro Manila Philippines

An important addition to this field

I think this paper is excellent and is an important addition to the field. I really like the conceptualization of the Intelligent Investigator as it illustrates the crucial role of “critical thinking” by being proactive and by expanding systematic knowledge and learning entity.

Similar to reflexive security that alleviates the security skills shortage paradox by promoting the idea of “hybrid domain-security experts”, HIM e-connect tools, workshops and virtual group meetings are enhancing the Critical Thinking qualities to pro-active experts and investigators who breaking silos, are highly conscious, familiar with the technology of today and being aware of consequent management.

A Master Investigator who understands and efficiently responds to the emerging risks and systemic vulnerabilities while remaining resilient, flexible, creative, empathetic and accountable decision-maker. The document’s added value reflects on the strong technical background of the author, the managerial capacities, the operational reflexives and the huge international experience in the field. A global issue for global stakeholders.

By Dr Katerina Poustourli PhD Pre-normative Security Research, Standardization and Innovation Expert, PhD Robust and Resilience Engineering

Cutting the fat and building muscle in the security industry

‘’What Juan Kirsten presents in the form of this book is a nuanced, highly detailed, and considered opinion on the modern-day crime and security practitioner. Master Investigator is not simply a training guide for practitioners, but rather also incorporates a conversation that Juan is having about the competences and skills needed by a crime and security practitioner in the modern era.

From the contents, one can see that he has looked at the diverse needs of the industry, the existing practitioners within that industry, the absolute seriousness of the threats in the industry and has a witnessed a worrying dissonance between them. This book gives us an almost unfiltered meditation on what the ideal Master Investigator should look like, behave, and know in order to be effective in minimizing the modern-day threat to human lives.
By Jean-Pierre Roux, Criminologist, BSocSc, Hons, MPhil, Compliance Management (UCT), CHIMC (HIM), Member of American Society of Criminology (#25014)

Concept outcomes by using Tools – Reviews

‘’As a security pracademic, a practitioner and an academic, I have found the HIM tool to be very effective. Additionally, as an experienced security industry trainer and developer of training modules I have found the way in which the training is the delivered and the transfer of learning to be very intuitive. From a security perspective the training is critical for the frontline security team and other frontline personnel who have security a secondary role. The training provides the security officer with the situational awareness needed to evaluate a situation and respond. The training is also applicable to management and others who need to be able to read people such as investigators and business managers such as HR Managers and Security Managers’’
By Dr Declan Garrett DSyRM, MSc, H.Dip.Sec. Man, M.Sec.I.I.  Training & Education (based review on using the HIM tool)

‘’In our complex world, knowing the difference between when you are safe and when you are not, whether it’s from physical threat or simply someone misleading you, is a crucial skill. HIM provides a set of skills and tools that help you determine other people’s intent – this skill and capability could save your life. The approach of developing situational awareness is more important now than ever before. Being mindful and knowing how to evaluate someone’s behaviour. This is a life skill that everyone should develop!’’
By Dr Gavriel (Gav) Schneider FIS (SA), FGIA, FIML, AARPI, MAIPIO, CPP Doctor of Criminology (Security) Degree, Personal Risk Management, Resilience and Security”
Program Director ACU Post Graduate Program in Psychology of Risk. (review based using HIM tool)

‘’Leaders, including but not limited to security professional must make the right decisions all the time and many that think they do until they face the consequences and the impact of their decision on the ground. There are many cases where leaders have made decision driven to service their own ego or, because they lack the skills of critical thinking, resulting in disasters. As an intelligence analysist, criminologist, security practitioner and mathematician, the HIM tools have streamlined my decision making and surprisingly has opened a situational awareness floodgate when working on investigation and problem solving.
By Dhafir Shammery MPICT, Intelligence Analyst, Master of Policing, Intelligence & Counter Terrorism, Licenced Security Consular / Trainer – Australia, Member -AIPIO
(Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence officers) (based review using HIM tool)

Virtual Discussions  Group Meetings;

how to use the knowledge on the 1-hour virtual meetings

“The ISIO’s virtual group meeting on hotel risks and security was an excellent learning experience. Juan Kirsten is an obvious expert in this field, and he and his team have worked on the ground with hotels for extended periods of time. He brought up trends and case studies regarding every day petty crime, plus larger, more punishing attack scenarios that stemmed from local, regional, and even international threat issues. In this, ISIO is ahead of the curve, and the hotel sector would be wise to adopt this type of risk mitigation strategy
By Jeff M. Moore, PhD
, CEO, Muir Analytics, Purveyor, SecureHotel.US, Member, American Hotel & Lodging Association

”A very interesting topic highlighting the importance of situational awareness where the whole is equal to the sum of the parts and how this is a global issue not isolated to any one specific country and cascades into many different areas like drugs, human trafficking, exploitation etc …” by Kim Bysted: MSc Risk Management

” The virtual group meeting workshop was exemplary. The workshop sets a needed foundation for the security manager. No matter what your area of expertise; you benefit by expanding your knowledge base by being “pro-active” in critical thinking”
By George Clark: Security Consultant


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