22 Oct 2019

Security Investigation Manpower and Technology (Coming Soon)

The Guidance Article will be published shortly by ISIO.

Short Overview

The objective of Security Science to manage the Risk factor by limiting or mitigating the level of collateral damage. This is done by using technology and the management of people that are skilled mostly by approved standards in their respective locations. The issue is that the speed and number of threats are increasing due to technological development and social issues impacting the location or field of interest.

Regardless, the Professional Practitioner must collect reliable and all the truthful information besides protecting assets and the integrity or leakage of information. Even though it is the person that commits the havoc, it is also the technology that can assist them in their objectives or used by the practitioner in the protection of tampering with information or information leakage

Considering that security or investigation success depends on level of situational awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and their reaction speed. Taking this further, situational awareness can be obtained by using technology, for example; drones, robotics, access control, body-cams, perimeter security equipment, overt or covert cctv surveillance, cyber software monitoring social media activity, communication surveillance technology, provides access to more or advantageous information to heighten situational awareness or obtain hard evidence.

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