20 Oct 2023

World-wide, private security practitioners could be financially impacted because of Israel and Hamas war.

World-wide, security industry could be impacted because of Israel and Hamas war. The private security industry should consider profit protection for themselves and their clients because of various factors that could occur.

In the posting related to Israel and Hamas impacting countries, one can view the ISIO timeline of specific tailing threats that have occurred over the last few days.

This means that countries in the middle east could be drawn even more so into theatre because of civil unrest or terror groups targeting western interests.

The research in relation to oil price during conflicts in the middle east clearly displays the rise in cost! Besides the current state of the economies, this additional expense will escalate the expenses therefore it is advised that all security practitioners comprehend suggested methods to profit protect themselves and their clients.

The security industry suggests using technologies and smart managing the workforce for profit protection.

Profit protection (security styled) for the security companies and their clients provides the knowledge besides short video clips on the language to use and suggested methods with protocols to consider.

To evaluate the security criminology risk view HIM

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