04 Jan 2023

Security is only as good as the people involved

Since Jan 2020, all have experienced various incidents dictating that the vulnerability landscape can change at a moment’s notice and can impact mankind with life impacting and deadly situations to contend with.

Furthermore, the 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) has now introduced a massive and diverse number of technologies for many to be fully comprehend. Gone are the days of having just simple cctv cameras and now we have to consider analytics, drones, drone security, robotics, and so many others which is too many just to mention.

We also have technology installers besides distributors and system integrators flooding the market because of the technological advancements. The system integrators and installers may be technologically proficient but that does not mean that they know the type of crime that they need to litigate. In other words, to provide appropriate technology, it is wise to know the criminal behaviour and methods used by perpetrators for many reasons. ”Security is not only about perimeter security!”

Humanities have stepped onto the bandwagon with laws and regulations for rights of privacy besides millions of perpetrators attempting to steal such data.

Consequently, practitioners have to increase their data intake besides constructively practicalizing the data.

Security practitioners need to be relevant and resourceful to filter the information overload.

The hierarchy of the security industry contains broad-based as well as subject-focused organizations, institutes and associations. By belonging to many resources could again overload the recipients with information unless certain practitioners are assigned to subscribe to specific bodies.

Because the security industry practitioners are involved in incident and emergency management besides investigation management, the first priority would need to be plugged into specific resources that can provide alerts and protocols or suggestions. Reaction speed is vital!

There is a difference between criminal and security investigators. Crime investigators are only summoned after the fact. Security has to find it quickly to limit the collateral damage before it becomes a major issue. Subsequently, those that are tapped into threat predication methodologies could have the advantage. Knowing what is in theatre and what could happen provides the security criminology-risk investigator invaluable information.

These practitioners should have the mental capacity (critical thinkers – security styled), relevant knowledge in their field of interest and skill sets. Many have certificates but it is the soft skills that make them relevant.

Sometimes it is not only what one knows but who one mixes with that is just as important.