01 Jan 2023

2023 Security Mission for ISIO & Practitioners using workforce and technologies

Find the Crime and Stop It, Protect Sites and Save Lives

Reality of the Current Situation


The practitioners cannot afford to suffer the ostrich syndrome as they work in the realities of life that could lead to life impacting or deadly incidents.

The vulnerability landscapes will compound the threats even more impacting the job functions of all practitioners.

There are millions of perpetrators that are daily trying to out-think and outsmart the security system

There are more desperate people breaking their moral code because of their basic needs being compromised.


The practitioners are involved in one way or the other in incident, emergency and investigation management

The communities and practitioners could experience higher levels of common crime such as rape, kidnappings, home invasions, car-jackings, truck-jackings, etc. We must add to the common crime list the increased adult and child sex exploitation, trafficking and slavery. All countries may have the same type of crime escalating or specific crime that is common crime in their location.

Then there are specific fields of interest that could experience common crime or higher levels of unique crime that could compromise food and energy even more so.


The industry could reduce in size because of budgets being slashed by clients or various sectors of industry shutting down even more so.

Number of illegitimate and unlicensed could increase


Profit protect the clients and suppliers using technology and workforce.


Based on the formula ‘Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground (all are decision makers) and their reaction speed’ (Kirsten J 2018)

ISIO is focused on capacity building the practitioners and goal directing them towards threat identification and providing a free year access to tools to assist practitioners to find the crime – stop it – protect sites – save lives. Furthermore, the tool provides the information and methodology for profit protection. ISIO also directs practitioners to ECPAT free short training to assist practitioners and the public to identify the exploitation of adults and children.

ISIO provides identifies threat and updates members or provides direction to predict threats.

ISIO is focused on threat identification, research (investigation), solution generation (protocols or suggestions using workforce and technology) as well as standardization for globalization.