18 Nov 2022

Millions of security practitioners together must assist in litigating
adult or child sex exploitation, trafficking & slavery

All security practitioners must assist because it is the obligation to find crime and stop it besides protect sites and save lives.

Use Free short-training Tools

ECPAT has also specific training for hotel security (managers and associates)

besides Security Practitioners that travel by plane from time to time.

Neighbourhood and School Security: within ECPAT USA there are also educational methods for communities and youth which dictates that ECPAT has done thorough research and uses the appropriate tools to educate all.

Technology and Workforce


Free Tools

ECPAT is world-wide

ECPAT has members globally that provide specific assistance for the region of interest.

Contact your local ECPAT for assistance or support your local ECPAT member.

ECPAT must be applauded for its mission and the security industry must support this endeavour.

Human Investigation Management

The HIM Tool also provides FREE booklet downloads on

  • Child Killers and Teen suicide
  • How to Survive the Kidnap
  • How to identify the silent victim
  • Biothreat Management (Covid19 & Mpox) [Monkeypox focusing on Security Protocols for Pregnancy] Go HIM e-Tool for free booklet downloads


The security industry should contribute

The Private Security Industry CCTV databases should contain vital information and the photographs of missing children so that facial recognition technology could be of service. These databases should be obtained through the security regulator from the national policing authority of the country.

All National Key-Points must also be in the loop in obtaining the photographs or vital information

NOTE: It is vital to contact your local authorities when the person of concern has been located. Do not approach the person of concern but continue surveillance until the authorities assist.  Failing to do such could invite all forms of collateral damage.