09 Nov 2022

Omega threat update

In October 2022 there were two additional threats thrown into the mix that compounds the speed and impact of collateral damage relating to the cost to live being the attacks on the Nord Stream Pipeline besides the natural disaster related to climate change. Both of these impacts the energy and food security which in-turn is rolling out with devastating outcomes globally or specifically in certain countries on specific vertical sectors.

It is advised for practitioners to look at the following to deduce their emergency status being,

  1. Inflation rates impacting price to live
  2. The status of power supply impacting costs
  3. Reliability of all forms of power supply
  4. Fuel price
  5. Costs of Food in general or cost of various meals that are made with various ingredients.

Crime Stats

It is also suggested to view the common crime stats such as theft, rape, domestic abuse besides evolving crime such as truck jackings, kidnaps, smash and grab or specific crime related to a field of interest.

Preparing for Catastrophe

Any crime that took place since the covid19 made its debut should be studied. Any forms of anarchy that played out could more than likely occur again but on a larger scale.

Regardless – All security companies should obtain knowledge and insights on how to profit protect themselves and their clients.

Be informed with the status as well as use relevant methods to survive or thrive – View the HIM Tool