28 Sep 2022


#SecurityIndustryOmegaStatusLevelRaises . The #Sabotage on two of the #NordStream Russian gas-lines compromises the #energysecurity even more so. #CatastropheSecurityMeansPlanForTheWorst

#HeadsUpSecurityCompaniesInEurope and #HeadsUpUKSecurity . Do this now – plan for the worst.

 #CatastropheSecuirty is in the X Factor. Security success depends on the level of situational awareness (knowing intimately the threat) of the decision-makers on the ground and their reaction speed.

Recent history

As stated in the previous alert Omega status (1st August) alerts the security industry to plan for the worst and emphasises that the cost to live raising will impact the levels of crime as well as erode the profit margins of the security companies as well as their clients. It is vital for all security practitioners to get educated on profit protection.

On the 2nd of Sept- we reminded Practitioners to read the writing on the wall (Find on ISIO linkedin articles).

Now 2nd October – do it now.

Find all you need to know for this moment in time (knowledge and skills to Profit protect) besides the X Factor can be found on this link