01 Jul 2022

#SecurityManagers called to attention to #UncoverNewCrime and #DicoverDamningIssues

This article is to draw attention of the security practitioners to consider contributing to the bigger picture.

The security industry is larger than any policing agency or military unit in the world. It is a vital partner to reduce the level of collateral damage in this moment in time during a period of multiple threats compounding on each other and impacting with the same outcomes around the world.

Some countries have been wrecked in a big way and this will continue to plough its way through all countries. One can not dispute the fact that when you find it costs more to live – then you are being touched by the outcomes already.

Security Practitioners now investigate further because it is their job function. There are a questions that need to be asked. If the wrong questions or questions that have never been thought to ask then the security team are then not fully aware of what is truly going on.

How could any person trust the security strategic plan and come up with methods to profit protect themselves or their clients. Asking these questions does not display inadequacy – it displays that the professional practitioners want to know all the questions because they and their team manage life impacting and deadly outcomes. Professionals need solid intelligence.

Consider one must be intelligent enough to know that they need knowledge to understand the intelligence

We are reliant on the workforce and technology to provide intelligence.

HUMINT : Human Intelligence

The entire team need to know the truth of the matter but people lie, hide or volunteer information for their own agenda. The security team needs to know all-the-truthful information from the ground because security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed. Half truths, misinformation or no information simply opens the door to more incidents that could turn into nightmares. After these incidents occur then the investigation is after the fact.

This is the difference between crime and security investigators. Security investigators must find the crime and stop it before it becomes an incident. Not knowing what is truly happening on the ground is not a good idea. The practitioners on the ground must cannot afford to be misled or naïve to the fact that not all people are forthcoming with information. Even the officer at the door should be made aware or provided skills to pickup on something not right going on with a person of interest.

However, security practitioners manage incidents on a daily basis – depending on the site. These are not necessary and only related to crime because accidents happen or people get sick so they must save lives as well.


Security practitioners on the same page can make a difference

In the opening of this article we talked to the outcomes of the global threats manifesting on the ground either in a location or field of interest. All working in concert by finding the issues of concern will make the difference. But we need to go further and assist our communities further.

Millions on mission

The threats also producers higher unemployed and more desperate people that could break their moral code. It is wise to view the local crime stats in one’s location and will see that there is possibly increased rape, abductions (trafficking) and kidnappings, smash and grabs, home invasions, to mention but a few. All practitioners are called to contribute to litigate these issues and this can be done with skill development on the ground beside using specific software applications and technologies.

When we consider field of interest, then this goes into another discussion for many reasons and does address the most issue is focused on profit protecting the governments, and private business sector besides litigating issues and crime relating to policing polarized neighbourhoods, border and critical infrastructure.


We use AI and technology to litigate the threats. The instruments are only as good as the users and therefore the users need to know that they are looking for and what technology to use for such. The tech people may design the tech however it is the security practitioners that know what, where and how to use such. Knowing criminology, methods of crime and criminal behaviour then one knows what the objectives are to use technology.

What and how fast do we need to know

The wise security practitioner provides their team short security briefings from time to time to keep their team motivated towards common goals for being knowledgeable that heightens situational awareness using intelligence from the ground and subject specialists. Sometimes it is not only what one knows but who one gets to know that is just as important.

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