12 Jun 2022

VMS and PSIM Physical Security Incident/Investigation Management Systems

The instruments are only as good as the users besides the technology itself

Technology to assist physical Security is vital to reduce Incident Management cases using Security Criminology-Risk Investigation

Security Success Depends on the level of situational awareness of the people or technology on the ground and the reaction speed (Juan Kirsten 2018)

The VMS (video management systems) and PSIM System design begins with the security practitioners that is situationally aware, meaning that they are unbiased and knowledgeable in security criminology-risk investigation besides strategic planning and layering the manpower by skill sets. The tech people are experts in their fields that make the technology, but it is the security practitioners that are the users of the technology and manage the life impacting or deadly incidents.

Pre-Incident Security

This is based on intelligence be it the security practitioner being knowledgeable in security criminology-risk investigation and the intelligence driven by reliable resources. When the practitioner knows the criminology, crime culture and criminal methods in a location or field of interest then they are able to select the appropriate tools and workforce required to prevent incidents before they occur.

Incident Management

Reaction speed is vital which is based on the nature of the incident. In some situations reacting to early or to late could lead to higher levels of collateral damage. This could be controlled by following the incident real time and using technology to set paths and direct the incident into a more manageable scenario for example, shutting or opening doors, activating sprinklers, deploying drones with non-lethal products or other means.

Incident management could require emergency management

Reaction speed is again priority. It is vital to reduce any resistance or obstacles for emergency evacuation. The flow and behaviour of people must be considered and this is where various forms of technology could assist besides the controlling of entry and exit points.

Investigation Management

The investigation management normally is used after an incident occurs. This should not be the case for security practitioners because the security practitioner’s objective is to find and stop the crime, protect sites and save people, therefore their biggest nightmare is not knowing what is truly happening under their own nose. To this end the security team should be in investigation mode and use manpower besides technology before incidents occur or when they do occur.

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