11 Jun 2022

AI overview for Security Practitioners

Know what you are looking for

#SecurityManagers look at Technology websites and see a link to applications. Here the Tech people mention things such as tailgating, facial recognition, slipping and falling, mask identification and social distancing. with some displaying also ‘man-down’. Some sites may address vertical sectors such as critical infrastructure, border security, avsec solutions besides others and present case studies link.

There is also focused sectors for perimeter security that address standard issues and now adding anti-drone to their stock in trade.

The tech manufacturer’s websites are talking to attract channel partners or system integrators and provide links that flash some of the same applications. When it is a bio-threat there is a bit more that the security managers do. They use protocols for specific purpose because there is also crime related to the threat and the tailing threats therefore need additional applications.

The Security Practitioners are at the end of the day using the technology for distinct purpose which is to identify crime or risk concerns besides protecting the site and saving lives. They therefore are living in reality and must be able to use the technology real time when there is an issue or incident in theatre. Besides such, they need to litigate known common crime besides finding issues that they are unaware of because that is their biggest nightmare.

This AI word is thrown around a lot and some tech is not AI driven. In short- AI is there to make decisions and take actions. It can do things for many reasons such as threat identification besides increasing the reaction speed of manpower to limit or mitigate the level of collateral damage (speaking to security sector). Furthermore, it can assist in profit protection, counter corruption and issues for reputation protection.

The security managers that know the crime and criminal methods besides being investigative minded should realize that they can stop the crime and save lives using various tech but they do not care what the tech is – they simply want to achieve their objectives.

Even if the security managers notice case studies being flashed on websites there could be solutions that require more than one technology to stop kidnapping and rape that are common crimes in all countries. Then they include their goals besides addressing unique issues to meet objectives in their field of interest.

When the tech people know what crime needs to be solved and what to use for such then they would be able to attract the eye of the security practitioners that will insist that their tech people contact the manufacturer or their partners.

So when security people look at websites they want to see certain things that they need to do – such as……. well – everything is compiled in the AI for crime and risk concern identification (View here).

#FindTheCrimeAndStopIt #ProtectSitesandSaveLives