04 Jun 2022

June 22 Threat Assessment

Increasing Crime Levels besides wider scope of criminal behaviour

Follow the food, medicine and the money to find the crime

The footprints of the global threats over the past 3 years beginning with covid19 that impacted with an economic meltdown resulted in raising crime levels in certain crimes, lawlessness besides in come countries various degrees in anarchy. The compromising of food and security energy because of the the Russian and Ukraine war escalated the same conditions driving crime higher besides widening the scope of crime committed.

Now monkey-pox besides omicron variants could impact the profit protection even more so. Omicron could impact the world more so than HIV/Aids not in the amount of deaths but on the costs related to the levels of increased sick leave, cross skill training, temporary staff screening and recruitment costs etc,. This will impact the economies even more so driving more unemployment and stimulating the numbers of desperate people that could break their moral code thus adding to the crime waves.

The escalation of the stats in countries relating to specific crime such as truck high-jacking, mobs that smash and grab besides other crimes escalating in some countries could occur in others over time. Some people may say ”this would never happen in our country” should hold their tongue. The first time a crime occurs that has never happened before begins the pattern.

Every country has the same generic crime as in stalking, rape, and kidnapping. This form of crime has recently escalated in the first quarter stats in some countries. It is best to research your location on which common crimes are in theatre and their change in frequency.

The generic crimes relating to companies being theft and corruption will increase. Other crimes such as sex or money for jobs besides corruption could generate reputational damage causing massive damage to companies. The cost to live is becoming very difficult therefore low income earning staff may resort to doing such crime and middle income earners may resort to such to retain their standard of living and ego.

The reason being is that the ‘generic’ crime stats more than likely will increase is because of the global meltdowns time and time again. The saving grace is that AI and Technology has evolved that it will play a meaningful role in reducing the amount of crime besides increasing the response time to stopping the crime besides saving lives. This has to be merged with the manpower on the ground because they are the ones using the technology besides investigating and reacting to issues on the ground. For example, all buildings that have apartments could use such not only purposely counter the above mentioned crime but also to assist in increasing the success rate of saving lives.

The practitioners must get to know that they have to be situationally aware of the criminal behaviour and methods. There are certain steps or should we say criteria to follow so that all bases are covered with the common crimes in any society. Besides generic crime in every company and for any sites under roofs must be addressed. Obviously there are unique and distinct crimes in every field of interest that are common.

Having said such, another saving graces is the information that one gets to know and who one gets to know. All need security intelligence. One should be intelligent enough to know that they need knowledge to comprehend the intelligence.

Human Investigation Management Endorsed by ISIO, CAPSI and SASA

[Threat Identification, Research, Solution Generator, Standardization, Capacity building for Globalization].