07 May 2022

Current Security Industry Threats Alert updated to Level Orange: May 2022

Prepare for crime and ciaos related to the global economic meltdowns

A month ago in April, we issued a threat alert because of the two issues in theater that impact with economic meltdowns and the crime associated. The security criminology-risk investigation practitioners consider that the existing threats could stimulate slightly even more issues and driving the concerns even faster with wider impact and increase the speed of arrival of greater issues to contend with.

Subsequently, warnings that were predicted are being realized by the price to live is being impacted by energy and food security even more so because of the cost related to supply and demand. For example, the price of cooking oil is impacted because of the ban of palm oil exports by Indonesia (largest supplier in the world). [They], want to protect the lifestyle of citizens that rely on local supply for economic security.

The time has come to raise the level to orange because security plans for the worst.

Crime related to the threats

Lets keep in mind that what happened in the past during the great depression just before world-war 2 could repeat again. When people cannot afford to live then they will break their moral code when their basic needs are unable to be serviced. The crime wave could begin in some countries with increased crime case load of corruption related the lower income groups. When the money runs out access could be denied and the more wealthier will be next in the queue.

Smash and Crab mobs or gangs could become more frequent in some locations and in others weaponized attacks by gangs – depending on your location.

We must keep in mind that in the past two years crime because of covid and the meltdown, ciaos occurred that not many have seen or experienced before in their location. The could occur again besides new issues. More so on the the type of crime or sites that could be elevated to high risk is outlined in the HIM Tool.

Practitioners must prepare immediately and sit down with their financial department and the human resources department which is basically the same suggestion that we provided back in February 2020 with bio-threat alert. The discussion must be geared towards profit protection considering a few issues.

HR interest: Budget to Profit Protect

There will be expenses related to increased sick leave which may require employing temporary staff. So, the companies will be paying out medical leave to one person then to replace that person that will have a cost associated for advertising or an agency cost. Then there is costs for the security checks and screening besides the interviewing time.

Why will this happen? The BA 4 and 5 that was discovered in South Africa besides XE discovered in the United Kingdom and there are other linages which are faster than their ancestor omicron. Not many may die but because of the increased speed of infections and re-infections more people will get sick.

Solution .

A. Cross-skill training of key people now. Obviously there is cost but cheaper in total than the above.

B. Acquire relative knowledge and skill training for key-staff.

C. Costs of dressing staff for threat protection: Reduce infection rate by ensuring staff that have a high probability rate of experiencing aggressive or violent behavior must wear masks and eye protection or install sneeze screen barriers. The eyes are just as porous as the mouth.

D. Ensure that the layering of staff skillsets that was used for biological threat security is reinstated in certain sites and sites that that will be soft targets in certain locations that could experience high levels of violence is strategically layered according which will be partially different to handling a bio-threat. The perimeter would contain a strong form of physical security and perhaps softening towards entry points but backed with formidable support if need be.

Finance Department

A. The accountants must agree that when people avoid going to sites then there is obviously not income. The sites that will have most customers will be because the public will trust the venue by feeling safe. They must see it is a secure site and professionally managed

Crime besides reputational damage impacting Financials

B. Companies provide tangible goods besides non-tangible services. E.g., corruption eats the profits when company time is stolen.

C. There are other issues that deplete the profits that are outlined in the HIM tool or mentioned in previous articles on the @ISIOISIO linkedin page.

Solution: using security criminology-risk investigators and AI or technology can assist for profit protection. There is more outlined in the HIM tool.

AI for profit protection

The key points are mentioned in the booklet on AI for security criminology-risk investigation by merging technology with manpower. This is outlined in the HIM Tool.

Security Department

Consult with the security criminology-risk assessment report and predictions. Plan for the worst situations in location or field of interest. When the assessors are not intimately aware of the threats and outcomes of the threats, then an assessment may not be trusted. If the accountants should get to know the profit protection methods that could be used by security workforce and the AI or technology besides their cost analysis in relation to solution investment then they should find that the security department plays as a vital role and should not be considered as an expense but a profit protector.

There is more outlined in the HIM tool. (Click to go)