21 Jan 2021

Criteria for choosing the right security company or security consultant for 2021

Any reasonable person knows that the threats of today could lead to life impacting or deadly outcomes more so than years gone by.

The threats are:

  • An active biological threat and crime related to such threat
  • An outcome of the threat being the economic meltdown and crime related to such. They must be able to describe the type of existing crime or new crime that has arrived along with it and that is relevant to the location or field of interest (e.g., a jeweler may have different issues to a chemist or for that matter a mall or a farm)
  • The speed of response by the security company will the tools they promote which must be up to date and the appropriate skilled manpower.

To be able to distinguish between a professional and an outdated relevant company is by knowing the true nature of the beast.

  • When the company only state that they comply with cv-19 Health protocols then be concerned. You will hear professionalism when the presentation discusses security protocols for an active biological threat. Yes, they are proficient on health protocol procedure and they clearly state the difference between such and the security protocols for an active biological threat.

Why is this important?

  • To avoid collateral damage not only in lose of life but also to protect reputational damage.
  • They can clearly elaborate why they layer their manpower by distinct skills by describing the character traits and training of their staff

The company must be able to clearly describe the type of existing crime, perhaps are aware of new crime in the location or field of interest. However, describe the crime culture and criminal behavior of the crime related to the threat and that of the economic meltdown that could impact on the client, such as:

  • increased insider threats that could compromise their profits.
  • company or staff being captured by transnational or local organized crime
  • Street gang crime attacks or staff being bullied, blackmailed or extorted
  • and many others related on by ISIO/HIM

The presenter can elaborate on why they use certain AI [Artificial Intelligence} Tools. Some may highlight on certain technology such as social distancing detection or mask identification, however, this technology may be worthless if it is not used or supported appropriately besides being relevant (some deductions or decisions are based on media conditioning and choices are made by thinking that this is a one size fits all kind of thing).

Furthermore, there are software application solutions that may be more appropriate and meaningful to the extent that they can avoid life impacting or deadly outcomes.

There is more to this outlined on ISIO or HIM. So when designing the budget or considering keeping an existing service because of price – then we very aware of the nature of the beast that one is contending with. Security is not an expense in 2021 – it is a necessary – very necessary service to ensure that one gets to see 2022 in tact both physically and financially!

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ISIO – International Security Industry Organization