01 Jan 2021

Be relevant in 2021

In Feb 2020, ISIO warned and informed the security practitioners to discuss the incoming active biological threat paying attention to budgeting for specific considerations. 

ISIO also suggested specific security protocols for technology besides the skill management for such. Those not equipped with good argument are perhaps working with less than what was required.

Be relevant for 2021: This 2021 will not be the same as in 2020.
We again alert all practitioners of multiple threats that will require technology and distinctive skilled manpower  

These are:

  • The active biological threat
  • Crime related to such
  • Crime related to the outcomes of such being the economic collapse where transnational, local organized crime and gang crime will be highly active
  • Also these crime syndicates will be active in ‘the vaccine’ whereas organized crime has the distribution network through all the drug lords

Methods of crime will be elevate with new crime and copycat crime will manifest quickly internationally for many reasons. There will be an increase in white collar crime specially related to insider threat. This will be nepotism, corruption, blackmail, bulling and extortion to mention in particular. Other crime is outlined in the intelligence guidance centre link

Furthermore, we present AI[Artificial Intelligence] merging technology with manpower to investigate and manage the multiple threats besides uncovering new crime. This is now high priority because of the IT contributions by many during the lockdowns. This is a must know as the security protocols which is unlike the health protocols have certain criteria for technology besides the layering of manpower by skillsets.

Be relevant for 2021 because we are handling life impacting and deadly outcomes.

ISIO | International Security Industry Organization