27 May 2020

Investigation considerations for covid and economic meltdown

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The Security Practitioners’ responsibilities changes with threats in theater. [They] will be dealing with new crime related to the threats generated by the economic meltdown, besides an increase in known crime related thereto. Also, [They] are implementing standard protocols or devising unique protocols to disable covid-19 in their location or field of interest.

All practitioners must be in full investigation mode because issues of concern could be more relevant now than ever before and which will call for unique protocols that may need to be put into place. The Security Practitioners must realize that what they thought was secure may not be applicable now and their investigation methods may need to broaden. This is not simply calling in investigators without good reason.

The managing security practitioner is the first one that must identify an issue by knowing where, how and why to find a reason of concern. Therefore, the security practitioner should not just summon in any type of investigator because they are looking for investigators – the must have distinct skills. There is a big difference between crime investigation and security investigation. Crime investigators are called in after the fact. Security Practitioners may also be called in after the fact but, must do much more. Their biggest nightmare in not knowing what is truly happening on the ground [Security and Criminology Investigation Management] (Reviewed by Lawrence J. Fennelly, Orlando”Andy” Wilson, and Errol Peace)

Motivations for Crime

To comprehend the nature of the beast, we have to focus on the person. It is not the weapon that causes havoc – it is the person. This is a moment in time when the basic needs of man will be a driving force where good people with a strong moral code may resort to crime voluntarily. Any threat to themselves or loved one’s physical or economic security could push strong buttons and extreme actions. Money, food, air (smokers), sex (or love), shelter, security (in all aspects, such as health and related to such, e.g., ppe) and drink (alcohol) would strong motives for action to commit crime and/or break quarantine without conscience of others. One would imagine that also fear of disability and death could drive people to extremes. Subsequently, any logistic service or site related to such is high risk.

Increased insider threat

Dovetailed motivation for crime

There are two concerns, namely the crime related to the economic meltdown and the pandemic. The situation as it stands is bi-laterally focused on profit protection and loss prevention. Meaning, that if a business is compromised and even if it only for 1, 4 or 7 days, because of the virus then the business shuts down – no more profit.

Some workers may fear that they could be side-lined because of their poor health status or they may fear being a casualty because of the virus. This motivation could make people do things you would never expect and could resort to intellectual property theft, for example, copy their pricing structure and customer list to sell to competitors. When corruption is voluntarily undertaken or because of duress caused by organized or gang crime then the profit is eroded. If the pricing structure, customer list is, or any, equipment or technology is stolen – no more profit.

Reaction speed is key to success on a shutdown to limit the collateral damage by an insider threat. When a company is compromised because a worker has been detected with the virus, then the shut-down must be immediately secured in all senses of the word. The shutdown could call for a sense of urgency by the insider threat whereas they would implement immediately their crime.

Theft will also impact this issue because the company may be purchasing personal protection equipment such as face shields or masks and the theft of such means less staff will be fully equipped which will erode the profit margin. Some may consider this a negligible expense, but consider the implications for a hospital, nursing home or security company that has staff that are front and center handling people that could be weaponized with a viral weapon. At no time could these focal points afford to run out of PPE even if it is for one hour in a day.

The companies that actually sell PPE must have strong controls because people could be corrupted for their own personal gain or could be working in concert with others under duress. These products fetch a high price because of a basic need of man.

The growth in Crime and Criminal Markets (Underground)

Desperation and Corruption stated above will fuel the underground where transnational organized crime, local organized and gang crime will increase their market share of existing criminal methods and open up new lucrative sectors. The manuscript ‘Master Investigator Critical Thinking in Investigation’ goes into methods used and calls for hybrid domain investigators to be considered.(Reviewed by Prof Rommel Manwong and Dr Katerini Poustourli)

People could now react quite differently to their norm for many reasons in a pandemic. The goods relating to the basic needs of man calls attention to the products and services related to such. A simple example is to consider the size of the drug and sex trafficking trade. New criminal markets could grow tremendously considering the sexual basic need of man and woman. Consider that after the lock-down, there may be many that could experience online sextortion.

In the booklet, ‘Security Practitioners strategy, operational and protocol guide (Reviewed by Professor Larry Barton and Professor Rommel Manwong) goes into the character traits of people where their violent actions be it out of desperation, illogical or simply because they are mentally unwell could cause grievous bodily harm to themselves and others. The point is the methods of managing people that were used before may not be relevant today and therefore call for relevant protocols. Yes, sanitizing and social distancing are vital protocols, but, there are distinct protocols for management of people, the use of technology and equipment besides methods to limit the level of collateral damage. This is not a one size all kind-of-thing.

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