09 Dec 2019

PSIM (Physical Security Investigation Management)

The instruments for investigation

The technology is only as good as the user!

Regardless of the reason for investigation, the Investigation is only as good as the investigators and who does the investigation. In the world of security, criminology, and risk management, it is the person and not the weapon that creates havoc.

The concept of success for, criminology, security, and risk investigation management will depend on, the level of situational awareness of the decision-makers on the ground and their reaction speed. This applies to any form or field in management, research and application, besides vetting and compliance, because crime lives in all fields, e.g., business, human resources, construction, farming, education, security or, for that matter, where any human is involved. We must remember that people do lie or hide information to perhaps protect others or themselves which could impact the risk factor.

There are words related to investigation such as, identify the modus operandi (pattern), which is one of the fundamental foundations for investigation. The pattern dictates the design and structure of any form, and it is obvious that once the pattern changes, so too does the formation of the structure. The word ’clue’ could describe the X factor. Identifying or uncovering an element could point to identifying a pattern

To find the clues and the pattern, one must identify and comprehend the crime on/in a location or field of interest, the researcher/investigator must know the cultural of crime and methods of crime to select the instruments best suited. Let us keep in mind that research/investigation could lead into directions where other instruments or hybrid domain experts (security consultants) could be required. Consequently, one may need to interact with like-minded practitioners or research past or recently closed cases that could save time and money in selecting instruments.

To heighten situational awareness and gathering information to conceptualise the narrative, one would rely on the people on the ground besides instruments for investigation, such as, incident and crime mapping software, CCTV, access control, perimeter security,  drones, covert or overt surveillance equipment, social media tracking, mobile phone tracking, to mention but a few


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for any criminology, security, protection or risk investigation

The Most Important tool is to assist in reading the situation and a person-of-interest. All stakeholders must be able to read if a person is lying, hiding something or knowing why the person is volunteering information. Any academic or practitioner that is unable to do such, should not be in the field.

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