22 Nov 2019

ISIO 2020 Mission

ISIO’s Major Focus for 2020to out-think and outsmart the criminal or terrorist using equipment, technology, knowledge and skill-sets.

The Security, Criminology or Risk Investigation Practitioner may use instruments such as technology, software and equipment for distinct reasons.

We must consider that these practitioners could handle life impacting besides life & death situations. Thereforethe practitioner needs to use the instruments as proficiently as a surgeon, that wields the scalpel to perform their functions.

Subsequently, the art of using the tangible tools and by perfecting the soft skills, weaponizes the practitioner to master the use of the instruments.

Who to Know:

The practitioner must interact with other like-minded practitioners that may have uncovered new crime, discovered evolving crime or opportunities (methods to limit or mitigate the level of collateral damage) 

  • The list of meeting points for practitioners are updated for 2020 budgeting on ISIO (Events & Workshops)
  • The 1-hour virtual group meeting dates for like-minded practitioners virtually meeting together will be despatched to ISIO Members or HIM Subscribers

Furthermore, Budgeting advice for technology, equipment or skills is provided on the ISIO home page now (ISIO Insights)

Be assured of our highest considerations

International Security Industry Organization [ISIO]