The Reality of the Security Industry is that the security industry lives in reality!

If it is not now, then we must question when?

IF OMICRON is rated as a variant that can evade the immune system, is more infectious and is more deadly, then the industry will upgrade Omega (planning for the worst) to being in full CBRN REDALERT status.

IF NOT, then we must ask the question: how and when will the last born behave worse than its ancestors?

Pattern: In the security criminology-risk sector we follow the pattern. The pattern has dictated that the mutations along with their viral load increasing therefore resulting with increased infection rate.

Now the scientists have disclosed that the OMICRON variant has more legs than its ancestors. This means to the security risk-minded practitioner that other variants could grow more ‘other things’ that could make OMICRON a lightweight contender.

The logical conclusion results in this urgent call to immediately prepare for any eventuality because it is now on our doorstep.

The focus for Biological Threat Security talks to,

  • Using technology and equipment
  • Strategically layering the manpower by specific skillsets
  • Comprehending and method for finding the crime relating to the threat and its tailing threats.
  • Identify High Risk Sites and Secure Appropriately
  • Profit protecting the security companies and clients

The security industry is larger than any force on the ground that is in-fact implementing the health protocols on the ground. But do more because there is crime related to the threat that could cause even more ciaos.

BTW, All Security Company Owners must consider that the knowledge within the Tool is vital for business resilience

Steps to participate

  1. View the freely sponsored video clips and booklet
  2. View the CBTS and COC19
  3. Activate the HIM Tool, go through it for a few days and have a one to one chat with one of the endorsing trade organizations below or HIM that will refer.
  4. Then consider taking it further to CBTS or to own COC19
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