Technologies to predict, identify, comprehend, secure, and manage besides contributing to security, risk investigation or governance management.





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ISIO stopped endorsing technologies in 2015 for many reasons but mainly because of the speed of development of technologies that was entering the market with some manufactures exaggerating performance.

Current situation

Based on intensive research by investigating all forms of methodologies, ISIO discovered that many bought the bells and whistles of ‘new technology’ but were not getting the best out of them.

Technologies such as CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Security that have content analytics or not besides being installed can be tested in laboratories. These technologies can be approved.

The ”software” technologies can only be evaluated by the user’s results. Consequently, ISIO endorses specific and relevant technologies besides new generation practical soft skill tools that should be provided to users for technologies that requires cognitive input to be operational.

Now 2024 ISIO will approve certain unique technologies.


  • Technologies displaying Situational Awareness

  • Predicting Threats Software

  • Security Investigation Software

  • Security Management Software

  • Incident management Software

  • Emergency Management Software

  • Content Analytics Software

  • Mobile Phone Apps for Security

  • Security Risk & Compliance Software

  • Information Security

Also, other Unique Hardware or Software Technologies will be approved & promoted by ISIO

Technologies for #FoodSecurity #SolarSecurity and all related #EnergySecurity technologies beside countering #SmashAndGrab #MobAttacksOnRetail.

Also for sectors

#BioThreatSecurity #HotelSecurity #CriticalInfrastructure #CitySecurity #BorderSecurity #RailSecurity #PortsAndHarbourSecurity #AVSEC


  • Technology to litigate FIST (Foreign Instrument Surveillance technologies)

  • Drones and Counter Drone besides Robotics

  • Information Security


ISIO could assist in intensive exposure globally to a wider structure of buyers and/or users.

If required, pre and post exposure to exhibitors or visitors to a specific event [Only one will be considered for each event] (as per here).

Privileged members (qualified by product and rate) will obtain continuous exposure on ISIO website (at ISIO’s discretion) throughout the year ending December 2024 through all ISIO channels.


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