The ISIO Member displays that they are accredited in their own country and have been accredited by ISIO as they are training relevant skills and knowledge for the new norm.

The new norm could be different in various fields of interest.

ISIO believes that training in the security industry is quite DIFFERENT to other faculties

The security industry is the most volatile and fluid faculty than any other.

There are millions of perpetrators thinking daily on how to outsmart and out-think the security system (technology and workforce) and furthermore manage life impacting and deadly incidents.

Regarding technology, the instruments are only as good as the users. It is not only the technical training that is important, but the cognitive development is especially vital for certain technologies and job functions.

In Close and Witness protection, the physical abilities are crucial and once again in certain job functions, cognitive skills play a vital role.

In Security Management, the strategic placement of staff according to skill sets keeping character traits in mind is the new norm to ensure effective security besides reputational integrity.

In Security, Criminology-Risk Investigation there are specific primary skills along with a continuous supply of resourceful intelligence that is crucial to manage the fast-changing vulnerability landscape.

    No one learns more than the teacher

    When one wants to learn
    – then learn from the best