”ISIO is an International Brand for Security and Criminology in one. It promotes the highest standard for critical thinking, analysis, and investigation like no other group has thought of. Be part of ISIO and experience the difference!” Dr Rommel Manwong [Prof]

”ISIO, the International Security Organization is where analysts, security professionals, academics, leaders, investigators, and many other critical thinkers are connected. If you feel the above statement is connected to your field  and you are interested as a critical thinker, then do not hesitate to connect to ISIO” Dhafir Shammery MPICT – CHIMC”


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Established 2002

Threat Identification, Research, Solution Generator, & Standardization for Globalization

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The ISIO Member displays that they are relevant by being plugged into intelligence resources. This is required in this fast-changing vulnerability landscape where global threats can emerge at a moment's notice that could impact their location or field of interest.

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The ISIO Approved Member is for technology or equipment manufacturers only.

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Security News besides Organized & Gang Crime

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ISIO's Intelligence Guidance Centre is Themed

The ISIO intelligence guidance centre that producers the threat alerts is based on security criminology-risk investigation research. HIM Human Investigation Management powers ISIO's Insights

The instruments is only as good as the users

In this field, the users of technology for security - criminology- risk- investigation need to think in a specific way besides require continuous access to reliable intelligence. We are in a new norm where technology is evolving at a fast pace and covering all realms. This all means that practitioners need to have the knowledge and skills to feel confident in their decision-making when acquiring or using appropriate technology.

ISIO Endorses Technology

There are certain technologies or brands that ISIO will not endorse for various reasons and others that ISIO will.

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