05 Mar 2024

Heads up Security – Security Threat!

#HeadsOfSecurity should know that #Ramadan2024 begins on the 9th March. For 30 days there could be a dramatic increase in size and velocity of massive gatherings world-wide because of the Israel-Hamas war.

Already, throughout the world over these past few months all have seen large demonstrations that are addressed with various speakers. Within the demonstrations are extremists, besides peace-loving individuals.

The social media tempo over the last few days seems to have increased with speakers inciting certain intentions. This is when organized and street gangs are motivated to take advantage of the situation for their own agendas. Obviously, they could insert certain ingredients into the mix that diverts attention to the masses on mission and away from their own mission that could lead to increased chaos.


#SecurityDrills should be in-line with the generic and unique threats. Security Drills for the new norm begins with hashtag. #SecurityIntelligence. This begins with ‘How Intelligent is the security team?’

Successful practitioners know that they need knowledge to comprehend intelligence. Professionals know that security success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed (2018 Kirsten). To be situationally aware for this particular threat in theatre has distinct legs that must be understood in order to litigate or lower the level of collateral damage.

This threat has a high probability of rolling out. Denial and Complacency in the security field is dangerous.

The smart and professional security practitioner briefs and prepares their team when there is a high probability of a threat rolling out. The security team are the ones that
manages the flow and behaviour of their company or clients besides the population as a whole using technologies and the workforce.

There are specific things to consider, such as, layering the workforce by skill-sets similar to biothreat security protocols. What should be included is a multicultural management methodology to reduce aggressive and violent behaviour. Not knowing such, could increase stimulants that would incite individuals and dominoing the mobs into a frenzy.

Specific content analytics for CCTV should be incorporated into the systems for distinct purpose.

Consider comprehending your unique landscape along with protocols that are fit for purpose.

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