16 Feb 2024

Security’s umbrella is always up to challenge today’s threat storm!

Yesterday, the UK officially entered into recession status impacting the cost to live resulting in higher levels of crime. The USA besides the EU has itself many threats related to organized crime taking advantage of increased numbers of immigrants that arrived to either start a happy new life or for nefarious reasons. There are many other threats to mention but let’s get down to some straight talking.

The accountants consider security as an expense. The only expense that they are forced to pay for – is related to security officer’s compliance certificate for particular gradings. They do not seem to acknowledge professional development which is rather unfortunate. The accountants that do afford funding for professional development are the enlightened few that have been educated by security professionals that have earned their trust and respect.

When the security team is only afforded ‘standard practise’ compliance certificates and expected that the knowledge or skills training is relevant to weather the current threat storm is inviting collateral damage.

  1. There is a high probability of radicalization towards pro-nationalist or pro-revolutionary groups. The implications are well understood by the critical thinking (security styled) practitioners. Just alone on the above-mentioned issue talks to a threat with tailing threats to which one is reputational damage. This word reputational damage is well understood by accountants. When there is no money allocated train staff or purchase equipment and technologies to find and litigate specific threats then the onus is on the accountant.

2. Speed of technological development cannot be ignored because the millions of perpetrators are thinking 24 hours a day to out-think and outsmart the security system (technology PLUS workforce). This means that the technology managers the flow and behaviour of people.

There is also content analytics to assist with loss prevention or to counter corruption, kidnapping and rape or to find a person of interest besides assisting in uncovering people working in concert voluntarily or under duress. These mentioned should describe that technologies assist in incident, emergency and investigation management. Certain technologies should be budgeted for because these tools are a necessity.

3. Right training for the right reasons. Therefore, the KPI in relation to such must be in line with the threat storm. It is not the weapon that causes mayhem, murder or other issues – it is people. Therefore, the KPI in relation to such must be in line with the threat storm.

Reaction speed to identify training, technologies or using other methods for compliance monitoring in relation to KPI (Key Point Indicators) to litigate new threats should be top priority with immediate response.

  • The security practitioner that can strategically educate using critical thinking (security styled) along with eloquent language and strong statements should get the accountants and HR onboard.
  • Obviously, there could be new or specific KPIs related to training criteria to litigate or limit the level of collateral damage of the evolving threats.

The security team is only as good as the way it thinks!

Critical thinking (Security Styled) for the smart security professionals.