24 Oct 2023

#HeadsUp #CounterAnarchy #CrimeLevelsUp.

Security Practitioners live in reality and the reality of fact is quite clear in the here and now world-wide as can be seen on the streets of cities, universities, and outside embassies. Rest assured it could spell over into neighbourhoods.

  • Crime investigators are only summoned after the fact.
  • Security investigation is undertaken now before so as to curb the levels of collateral damage.

There is a high probability of increased number of violent incidents that could turn into many more emergencies that need to be managed. This scenario in-turn will demand increased investigations.


Reduce number of incidents, effectively manage emergencies and thoroughly investigate the cases.

Security Success depends on the level of situational awareness of the people on the ground and their reaction speed (Kirsten J, 2018)

  • The appropriate mentality of security must be in theatre because they manage life impacting and deadly incidents.
  • Team should know how to read the people and the situation.
  • Read situation using technologies (e.g., content analytics/ crowd detection, human-down, weapon detection and others that are suggested)
  • Cultural Awareness: Team is managing different cultures that react differently. Being unaware will cause increased number of incidents, emergencies and investigations besides higher levels of collateral damage.
  • Comprehend the fact that criminals are opportunistic and could cause mayhem even more so – they can loot.
  • Reporting besides the speed of reporting is vital. Some that may seem irrelevant could become very relevant.


  1. Quickly heighten level of situational awareness by
  2. Providing the team relevant knowledge using the quickest, easiest and most effective method to read the people, the situation and to extract reliable and all the truthful information.
  3. Consider profit protecting site for many reasons
  4. Loyalty bond the team with recognition and belonging.

It is advised that the head of the security try the suggestion linked here to evaluate the methodology (free HIM tool) for team loyalty bonding as outlined above.